Fit in the summer - staying power

Motivation with or without a group

There is another way to outsmart the inner bastard: seek out allies for a visit to the swimming pool, jogging or sizzling fish and simmering vegetables. Encouraging each other, listening to each other - the inner bodyguard has a hard life from then on.

Find a fitness partner

The best coach can be a friend or a colleague from the sports club. Some prefer to be close friends, others need distance and find personal closeness distracting and obstructive.

In any case: Exchange your successes and setbacks regularly - best once a week. Take the next steps for the coming week and note them in the diary.

One week later, they tell each other and analyze together how it went. What was good? What was bad? Knowing that you have to report something honest to someone else will keep you on the trail. And you also meet your partner, if you have absolutely no desire for inline skating and would like to hang the shoes on the nail.

Persevere - this is easier

The beginning is not so difficult if you choose a sport that you like to practice: swimming, cross-country skiing, hiking, cycling or even inline skating are good entry-level sports, because they put little strain on the joints. Also Nordic Walking (walking fast with sticks) is very good. It has a very low risk of injury and hardly causes muscle fatigue.

Those who prefer to start jogging or another sport with a higher load intensity should not exaggerate. Muscles and joints always need a day of rest to get used to the strain. It is best to combine sports with different movement patterns. To minimize the risk of overloading individual muscle groups.

Whichever training you choose, make sure that you can do it outdoors if possible. This raises the mood in addition! Healthy living does not have to be exhausting and can even be fun. Of course this does not only apply to physical exercise, but also to healthy eating and mental balance.

Only those who have felt the effects of the change of life on their own body can enjoy it. Once a real habituation has taken place, the inner bastard becomes your friend. He is just a habituation animal and even helps at a certain stage to stay with the pole.

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