Lower fever - but how?

Although fever is a healthy body reaction, it sometimes has to be lowered. How does this work best? Fever usually supports the work of the immune system in the fight against pathogens. Therefore the principle applies that it should only be fought if the temperature values ​​rise dangerously.

When is fever dangerous?

Slightly elevated temperatures over one to two days are generally considered harmless. However, if the temperature increases to over 39 degrees Celsius or does not drop after two days, you should consult a doctor - especially if additional signs of disease are added.

There are doctors who argue that high fever must be lowered. An opinion that is justified in that the nerve cells are relatively sensitive to heat and that, as a result of high temperatures, brain damage may occur.

Often an age question

However, experts who deal extensively with fever, see the matter more differentiated, namely age-related: Children and young people also cope with a sudden fever, the short term reaches 41 degrees Celsius. A burden that certainly does not easily cope with the body of an elderly person or a chronically ill person.

Fever is unpleasant up to 41 degrees Celsius, but harmless according to the German Drug Commission. The condition is, however, that the body is not already weakened by other diseases.

Bed rest with fever

Among the proven home remedies bed rest comes first. This protects the circulation, helps to save energy and use it for disease prevention.

What's also helpful:

  • adequate fresh air supply
  • Room temperature between 18 and 20 degrees
  • Light cotton clothing and a lightweight blanket prevent heat build-up
  • Waiver of heavy food

Drinking heavily is essential in case of fever, as a feverish body loses large amounts of water through sweating. In fever clear brews are proven, which supply the body with sufficient minerals. As a rule of thumb, for every degree Celsius, drink more than half to one full liter of liquid per day.

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