Oily skin (seborrhoea)

Oily skin (seborrhoea)

The cause of oily skin are the sebaceous glands present in the skin, whose production is stimulated or slowed down by certain substances, including hormones. With the greasy skin type even the slightest stimuli are sufficient with hormones to start the sebum production more than necessary.

Often there is a hereditary predisposition. The hormonal metabolism is in turn influenced by external influences such as stress, whereby the male hormones increase sebum production and the female hormones slow them down. Diet can also play a limited role during puberty. During puberty, the fat boost is particularly intense.

Most of the sebaceous glands are present in the skin on the forehead, nose, chin, décolleté, shoulders and back. In these areas, the pores also tend to blockage, which can then form blackheads and pimples. Oily skin is usually rather robust and insensitive. Because the greasy film effectively protects them from external influences. With proper care, oily skin stays young for a particularly long time, as wrinkles can be more severe.

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In Seborrhoea sicca, the mixing ratio of sebum and water is an oil-in-water emulsion, the horny layer binds very little water. Frequent signs are fatty scales, redness and tensions after contact with water, large pores and a shiny skin surface. Care should be taken to give the skin a lot of moisture but no fat.

In Seborrhoea oleosa, the acid fat mixture is in a water-in-oil emulsion with normal to enhanced water binding ability of the horny layer. The skin shines greasy, thick and coarse, with large pores and has a tendency to blackheads (comedones).

During the care, the main focus must be on the cleaning. It is advisable to use alcoholic tinctures and syndets. To care for light emulsions or fruit acid and vitamin A-containing products are well suited. It should not be used greasy bases.

Care of oily skin

Oily skin should be thoroughly washed in the morning and evening with mild soaps or lotions with a pH below 6. In the trade there are special cleaning gels for the oily skin. Finally, it is advisable to use a facial tonic - the alcohol contained in it makes the pores contract and inhibits sebum production. 2 to 3 times a week it is recommended to use a skin-specific peeling.

As a care products offer special creams, which contain a lot of moisture, but no fats, but antibacterial and soothing ingredients.

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