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Fasting methods according to Buchinger and therapy according to FX Mayr have prevailed as fasting methods. Other related methods include the Schroth cure and whey fasting.

Therapeutic fasting after Buchinger

The classic fasting cure was developed by the German doctor Dr. med. Otto Buchinger (1878-1966) developed. This is an individually modified fasting, in which the patient primarily consumes fruit juices, honey and vegetable broth (about 250 kcal per day). The fasting program includes both nutritional training, exercise and stress management programs.

Execution: At the beginning of the 3- to 4-week fasting program, a colon cleansing is carried out on the first day of healing, followed by one or more days of relief (eg fruit or rice days with approx. 600 kcal). The evacuation is supported by the intake of Glauber's salt (sodium sulfate) and enemas during the entire fasting period.

In addition to adequate hydration (3 liters per day), the program also includes exercise in the fresh air, relaxation therapy, physiotherapy (massage, baths, physiotherapy) and psychotherapy (individual and group therapy). The fast ends with the "fast break". In the build-up phase for at least three days, the energy supply is gradually increased.

Classification: For Buchinger, fasting was a start-up phase in a full-fledged diet, which should be continued after the cure. The aftercare program therefore includes cooking lessons, nutritional advice and sports activities as well as an introduction to behavioral therapy.

FX Mayr cure

Here is the colon cleansing in the foreground. The Austrian doctor FX Mayr saw these as a prerequisite for the health of man. Mayr has developed a three-stage "bowel rehabilitation cure" that includes gut preservation, cleansing, and regeneration, as well as chewing and eating habits and drinking habits.

Implementation: The first stage of the Mayr cure sees herbal tea with honey and lemon juice in the morning and in the evening and a vegetable broth at lunchtime. Spread over the day, 2 liters of mineral water are to be drunk. The second stage consists of a milk-bread-diet, where stale bread rolls with milk have to be chewed according to regulations. The cure starts with a 3- to 4-day tea tasting. The third stage is the "mild deduction diet". The actual cure of 14 days begins on the fifth day with a glass of Epsom salt. In total, about 3 liters of liquid per day should be drunk. As an important part of his treatment FX Mayr sees the manual abdominal massage to stimulate the intestine.

Classification: Mayr sees the intestinal rehabilitation as a form of therapy for diseases that are caused by functional disorders of the intestine. These disorders are said to affect every organ.

Schroth cure

The Schroth spa is named after its founder, the Silesian peasant and carter Johann Schroth, who lived in the first half of the 19th century. The Schroth-Kur is divided into the three equivalent, mutually supportive areas fasting, dry and drinking days and Dunstwickel.

Implementation: In the fasting phase dry bread rolls are allowed in unlimited quantities, little rice, semolina, oats and some vegetables. On dry days, cereal porridge, oatmeal porridge, shredded pudding, wholemeal bread, crispbread, dried fruit, nuts, etc. are consumed and 1 liter of liquid is drunk. On small drinking days 1 liter and on large drinking day 2 liters of liquid. According to the original regulation, the liquid is taken up in the form of a white country wine, today often exchanged for fruit and vegetable juices. The daily Dunstwickel be used as an accompanying measure to promote the "purification".

Classification: Objectives of the Schroth-Kur are to activate the self-cleansing power of the body in metabolic diseases and rheumatic diseases.

Whey fasting

The "whey fasting" is a modified form of the zero diet.

Implementation: During whey fasting, 1-1.5 liters of spa whey (a protein enriched with protein and carbohydrates) are drunk in small portions throughout the day. During the fasting cure certain herbal and fruit teas are also permitted, eg from hawthorn, dandelion, stinging nettle, sheep; up to 3 liters per day.In unlimited quantities are allowed carbonated and low sodium mineral water. A whey drinking cure is carried out for a few days to four weeks.

Classification: The whey is considered as medicinal water for various diseases. The milk sugar and the lactic acid contained in the whey should have a positive effect on the intestinal environment and intestinal function.

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