Wrong medication

Especially older people with chronic illnesses often have to take many different medications. They are often overwhelmed because the income guidelines are often too complicated. If it then comes to a change of preparations or a change in the intake rhythm lose most of the overview.

Accumulation of incorrect medication

The topic "wrong taking of prescribed medicines" was investigated by the "Infratest Health Research" in a study. And found that 50 percent of all patients do not take the medicine prescribed by the doctor completely or not at all. 30 percent are misused, causing serious health consequences.

Even more shocking: Up to 20 percent of admissions to the hospital are the result of incorrect medication! These results were confirmed by studies in other countries. In addition, many people discontinue their medication for fear of side effects or due to specific complaints without consulting the doctor. Of course, this also has an economic impact: medicines that are taken wrongly or not at all cause economic damage of 11 billion euros per year.

Pharmaceutical Cassettes - Help especially for the elderly

A help is drug cassettes. Especially if the medication fails because the intake is too complicated. The use of these cassettes to pre-sort the medication helps especially older people. They provide space for a week's medication and are clearly divided into 7 days with 4 intake times each. They are helpful in the following cases:

  • When many different tablets are taken.
  • When different intake times (morning, noon, evening, night) are taken into account.
  • For example, if the intake pattern is very different, tablets may only be taken every 3 days.

What to look for when buying?

The medicine cassettes should have enough large compartments, but still be so small and light that you can take them on trips. A clear design makes it possible to determine at a glance what to take next. It is also practical if the tablet insert is easy to clean and replace. When using multiple cassettes, it is also an advantage if the models can be stacked and have a name tag on the side. A good model is completed by a child safety lock that can be used if required.

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