For getting slim and healthy ?!

Eat healthier, be slimmer and more athletic, drink less alcohol - the good intentions for the New Year differ little from those of recent years. But this time it is serious! But no sooner has the crackling of the champagne corks faded, the herring salad eaten, and the iron will to change has usually left only a guilty conscience. The Society for Nutritional Medicine and Dietetics in Bad Aachen gives the best tips to hold good intentions - and the best reasons for it!

Better than intentions: the little act!

Because the most common vices, whose fight begins every year anew, have fatal consequences: Every year in Germany 290, 000 people suffer a heart attack, about 180, 000 die from it. The main cause is arteriosclerosis, caused by too high blood lipid levels and too little exercise. Alcohol kills about 42, 000 people per year, directly (illnesses caused by alcohol) or indirectly (eg by an alcoholic accident causer). The malnutrition-related diseases are expected to cause more than 75 billion euros, warns Katrin Raschke, graduate oecotrophologist of the company. And we are already at the "most popular" intentions: salad instead of sweet, goodbye schnapps, jogging daily. But first, look the truth in the eye! Your initial determination does not carry the project alone! So that in the next motivational gap the only sport activity is not the over-throwing of good intentions, you need a "battle plan":


Take serious intentions and only if you want the change for yourself. To become thinner for the friend, do sports because the doctor says it - that alone does not give you the necessary motivation. However, information about the damage that certain lifestyle habits help consolidate the decision.

Small steps

Do not pretend too much! Divide your good intentions into smaller steps that you gradually take on. Achieved partial goals give you motivation and strength to keep going. To fail at too great a goal is no shame, but in the long run this failure ruins stamina and self-esteem. The decision to "stop eating chocolate tomorrow" is usually doomed to failure. Start by reducing the amount! And also set a time when you want to have this change implemented. If daily jogging is too much, start with a half-hour, brisk walk three days a week. First, explain your apartment to the chocolate-free zone.

Recognize causes

Find the causes: Why have the bad habits crept in? Do you smoke during stress, do you nibble out of frustration or boredom? Be aware of the causes and start with a change!

Clear targets

Formulate your intention clearly and positively and determine a concrete way. It is difficult to sustain something if only the goal is clear, not the way. Not "Tomorrow will change everything!" Or "I eat less cake". Specify the details, for example, walk for half an hour on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the afternoon, or just eat a piece of cake on the weekend afternoons.

Find alternatives

Think about what you want to do instead of the old habits. Exhausted cigarettes or cake pieces leave a void that is hard to bear. Better not to let this emptiness arise. Instead of pulling on the cigarette, you can nibble carrot pieces (which spares the fingernails), chew gum or enjoy smoke-free kisses. Stress smokers should learn relaxation exercises. Yoga, tai chi, qui gong and autogenic training have something for everyone. Even reading a book or the newspaper can relax. Instead of the cake, fruit can move into the mouth instead of chocolate creamy quark with vanilla flavor. Even a new hobby drives the time. It is important that it is fun - then it does not serve as a stopgap, but is a real asset!

Fun must be!

If you want to start exercising regularly, you should think carefully about what suits him! Because even here, the fun of the thing acts as an engine. It is also important to consult with a doctor about which sports are suitable.

Clear up problems in advance

Think about the problems that might arise in implementing your intentions and how you can react to them. Are smoking and snogging colleagues and friends tempting you? Do you go jogging even when it rains or freezes? Set up rules to master all eventualities.

"Relapses" are allowed

Do not give up your plans if you can not keep up in the short term! Forgive yourself for "gaffe". Even if you could not resist the piece of cake, not everything is lost! Try to balance it again and take the challenge again!

Searching for help

Seek help and support! Tell friends about their intentions. So your intent gains weight, and you have one more reason to persevere! Maybe you can even inspire someone and tackle the intent together with him.

Subgoals and control

Determine in advance which change you would like to see as a success. Do not forget the subgoals! So you create the possibility of success control and motivation. Reward yourself for every step! Treat yourself to something (for example, how about an extensive wellness day with a massage?). You should also tell your friends about your achievements - let yourself be praised! You honestly deserve it! Call us and tell us about your success! We will congratulate you for sure!

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