Eating at the workplace - Brainfood versus fast food

The workplace is not a gourmet restaurant, of course! And you often do not have the necessary peace. But should one be tempted to eat too fast, too much, too one-sidedly, or in the end, nothing to eat and go hungry? If you want to do a lot at the workplace, you should treat yourself to a varied diet that provides all the necessary nutrients for the body and mind and thus provides the necessary energy.

Tips against sagging

The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) advises all those who can not or do not want to go to a cafeteria, at least to take short breaks, to take snacks and to balance a one-sided diet, for example, with fruits, vegetables and dairy products. This will help you stay fit, comfortable and able to maintain your weight. Here are some tips should be considered:

  1. It's best to have breakfast in two stages: If you can not eat too much early in the morning, you should do so after 2-3 hours. Eat more generously, eg with muesli or wholegrain bread, or even lighter with fruit or yoghurt. So also "morning muffle" get enough energy for the beginning of the day.
  2. Avoid snacking Lowers: Distribute smaller meals from fruit, low-fat dairy, or thinly-baked breads throughout the day. This preserves the ability to concentrate, does not pollute the digestive system and circulation and avoids cravings.
  3. Do not eat by the way: In a short break you can enjoy your meal better. You will not only feel full, but also comfortable. In addition, you will not lose track of how much you have eaten so quickly. This helps to maintain body weight.
  4. Fast food meaningful supplement: The food at the snack bar or at the counter of a butcher is usually one-sided, salty and fat. If you eat here, you should supplement the missing vitamins, minerals and fiber in between or in the evening with vegetables, fruits, wholemeal and dairy products. Bringing it with you can be a good alternative: If you regularly freeze a portion of your cooking or take it to work the next day, not only will you save money, but you will be able to spend the entire break at the diner rather than in the queue.
  5. Sandwiches are made more attractive by lettuce leaves, cucumber slices or a vegetable garnish. Salad will stay fresh if you keep it separate from the sauce in an airtight container and mix it just before eating.
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