Eroticism of the woman - love is a sign of health

"Eroticism - a question of decision"

The question arises: is good sex for women a matter of concentration? "Nix Flow" and enjoyable immersion in the sensual self-forgetfulness Answer: No. There is a simple formula to solve the dilemma between complexity and dependencies: the conscious decision.Who self-confidently decides for sex remains "woman of the situation" and leaves not distracting yourself so easily.

Lust can not be forced

"Sexual desire is a vagabond, " writes the internationally recognized representative of Systemic Sexual Psychology Dr. Ulrich Clement Lust can not be forced, it is spontaneous - as well as the female climax - who at the touch of a button has lust or the "O.-experience" wants, is on the best way to get neither, pleasure quickly becomes frustration when disturbed.

Over the course of life, according to the survey, eighty percent of all women and men have had problems in bed at least once. Forty percent of women and thirty percent of men between the ages of 18 and 59 are no longer exceptions. This suffers the individual and the partnership, because: Sex has - in addition to the sexual self-realization - always a symbolic value for love. It is a ritual that connects and reconfirms bilateral togetherness.

Love - a sign of health

"Considering the complex functional complexity of female sexuality, it is not surprising that women suffer greatly when sexual problems interfere with their love life, " explains Dr. Harms, explaining that the nature of female eroticism is less the cause as expected, the causes of sexual disorders are organic.

The most common causes of sexual dysfunction are today's common diseases such as high blood pressure, lipid metabolism disorders and vascular and venous disorders. Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases also interfere with sexuality and are indicated by sexual dysfunction. Health and sexuality are so close to each other.

Sex and health

What is good for love promotes good health - and vice versa. Suffering from health, love is usually disturbed too. In short, sexual disorders are a sign of our health. They act as an early warning system and help to recognize the first health problems early.

On average, three out of five women suffer from sexual difficulties. The sexual disorders of men and women differ only slightly. In general, it is pleasure, excitement and orgasm disorder. Women also call pain in traffic.

But instead of looking for medical help, the majority of those affected prefer (!) To a piece of quality of life and speaks to "sex as a luxury". The perceived shame and humiliation in a society still dominated by sexual taboos is too great to break the silence. However, those involved also do not break the vicious cycle of fear, failure and self-indictment, which systematically increases sexual dysfunction and increases personal stress. Sex degenerates into an unpleasant performance thought that has nothing to do in bed. At the sad end not only love suffers, but also health.

"Let's talk about sex, baby": talking about love heals?

Talking about the "burden of pleasure" is the first, indispensable step to renounce the vicious circle and to perceive the good healing opportunities of the New Medicine. Talking about the problem releases the emotional pressure, clarifies the situation and opens the view on reality: more often than expected, sexual disorders have a physical-organic cause. This makes them easy to treat.

In addition to a good conversation and behavioral therapy, the affected women can continue to be helped with a controlled hormone therapy. There is no standard treatment, except for menopausal women. Hormone therapy is the rule here and achieves very good results.

Experts who offer specialist information on an anonymous and, of course, confidential basis, can be found at non-profit organizations such as the Information Center for Sexuality and Health. Founded in 1999, the ISG is Germany's first and only one-stop shop specializing in the medical and health issues of health, love and sexual disorders and offers all those affected and interested parties an info-line for free. Five days a week, a trained specialist team answers all questions about love, pleasure and sexual disorders by telephone, post or e-mail.

"This work is valuable and very important, because the first step to the doctor usually takes place via the anonymous call with a helpline, " says ISG Managing Director and member of the BPW Club Freiburg Sabine Pirnay-Kromer. Female eroticism is a challenge that is always worthwhile. Not only because the woman has a diverse range of sensual experience. Active love is a true fountain of youth that nature freely gives us. "But far too many women simply do not know that!", Says the ISG Managing Director.

"If the woman lives her sexuality, she also proves to be good for her health" - and makes superfluous skin creams and high-tech cosmetics superfluous. Reputable long-term studies have shown that sex stimulates the organism's entire reward system, sustainably strengthening physical, mental and spiritual health (WHO).

The most beautiful thing in the world is not only beautiful, it makes you beautiful, happy and healthy. And that should inspire the sensual sex especially - but applies to the strong sex as well! For those who would like to learn more about their health as well as a love and lustful sexuality, the ISG offers the magazine "Love keeps you healthy", as well as professional brochures and helpful information sheets Qualified information can be viewed directly via the Internet or by e-mail or mail be requested.

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