Nutrition tips for children - 10 tips for a balanced diet

It is not always easy to introduce children to a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, healthy fats and so on. Which mother or father does not know that? If you ask the children for their wishes, the same answer is received daily. With a few child-friendly tricks, however, it is possible to make a varied diet tasty for the little sweet tooths.

  1. Encourage your child to prepare the food
    Whether vegetable nipples, stirring the dishes or tasting and tasting - when children participate in the preparation of food, their enthusiasm for the food is awakened and the result on the plate becomes a personal highlight.
  2. Be a role model
    Children are strongly geared to the eating habits of their parents. Show your children that they like fresh and varied food as well, and let their children participate in it.
  3. Children love fairy tales and stories
    Combine a particular dish with a narrative, combine the ingredients of the meal with experiences or give the food a theme - then it tastes twice as tasty the little ones.
  4. Child-friendly serving
    Sprinkle cress on bread with herb quark or drape tomatoes, yellow peppers and green salad in traffic-light colors on the plate. This awakens the curiosity and enthusiasm of the children.
  5. Do not give up immediately if your child does not want to eat right away. Maybe the deliciously stuffed peppers will be spurned for the time being, but as a raw food with a dip, pepper strips are a much loved snack when watching TV.
  6. Find fun nicknames for specific dishes with your kids. Adults may find it more daunting, but children prefer "smoked food" or "vampire elixir" rather than plain vegetable stew or tomato soup.
  7. Well-tried in a new form
    Think about what your kids like, and turn that into new food. Pancakes, for example, do not always have to be sweet - hearty with spinach and a little cheese make them a healthy main dish.
  8. Children are innately fond of sweets. Take advantage of this preference and refine, for example, salad dressings with a little honey or sugar. This gives the salad a very special touch and tastes the whole family. For the salad dressing is recommended a tasteless oil such. B. fine rapeseed oil.
  9. Let it crack!
    When food crisps and crackles, when there are playful touch stimuli in the mouth, it tastes particularly good to children. Refine your food with croutons, dried fruits and vegetables and the little ones will be happy.
  10. Children pay attention to subtleties. If a little something is wrong, all the food is rejected. A great "packaging" in the form of a fun table decoration or colorful plates and bowls make the content much tastier.
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