Nutrition Tips for Gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Sufferers often suffer from stomach pain, heartburn, nausea or feeling of fullness. Gastric mucosal inflammations occur in both acute and chronic form. The right nutrition can help to relieve the damaged stomach and prevent the disease permanently.

Fasting relieves acute gastritis

An acute gastritis is often triggered by external influences such as stress, nicotine, medication, alcohol or stomach-irritating diet. Due to the resulting excess of stomach acid, the mucous membrane is attacked. Mostly, the inflammation stops automatically when the gastric mucosa has calmed down.

To help, sufferers can fast for one to two days. They should drink enough - ideal are still water or lukewarm herbal tea. If you do not want to give up food completely, you can grab rusks, oatmeal or vegetable juices. After fasting, it is advisable to take light food first.

Light food relieves the stomach

Light food relieves the affected stomach because it does not stimulate acid production. Optimal are, for example, mashed potatoes, rusk, grated apples, bananas and other basic fruits. Oatmeal or porridge are particularly recommended, because the mucus contained therein support the gastric mucosa.

After a few days of light diet, sufferers can eat normally again, but should continue to avoid aggressive foods - such as coffee, spicy food or fatty meals.

Diet for chronic gastritis

Depending on the cause, three forms of chronic gastritis are distinguished. In types A and C, light diet and a generally stomach-friendly diet counteract the symptoms. It is important to observe which foods trigger the symptoms and if necessary to exclude allergies or intolerances.

The trigger of type B gastritis, the most common form of chronic gastritis, is the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Its proliferation can be inhibited by probiotic yogurts and fresh broccoli, radish and radish sprouts, which is why these foods should be on the menu.

Prevent gastritis

Whether acute or chronic gastritis: In addition to avoiding stress, a healthy diet helps to prevent the disease. Important basic rules are:

  1. Many small meals stimulate gastric acid production less and are therefore recommended.
  2. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly. This is how you better prepare the digestive system and relieve the stomach.
  3. The meals should be neither too hot nor too cold.
  4. Use fresh or dried herbs and no spicy spices, and little salt and sugar.

Tips for a stomach-friendly diet

A full-bodied, fiber-rich, low-acid and low-fat diet protects the stomach and protects the stomach lining against inflammation. Well digestible are for example:

  • low-acid fruits (especially apples, pears, bananas, kiwis, peaches, grapes and melons)
  • Vegetables (for example fennel, carrots, green salads, zucchini or green peas),
  • Potatoes (for example as mashed potatoes) and
  • rice

Stomach irritant foods

The following foods put a strain on the gastric mucosa and should therefore not be on your diet:

  • Roasted, smoked and deep-fried
  • fatty food, for example meat, fish
  • fat dairy products (eg whole milk, cream, ripe or fatty cheeses, blue cheese or ripe Camembert)
  • Bread and baked goods
  • Nibbles and sweets
  • Nuts, unripe fruit, citrus fruits and avocados
  • bloating vegetables like cabbage, leeks, legumes, peppers or onions
  • hot spices

Coffee, too hot or too cold drinks and alcohol irritate the stomach and can even trigger a gastritis. Black tea, milk drinks with high fat content, soft drinks and carbonated drinks also stress the stomach lining.

What to drink with gastritis?

Well-tolerated are still water, tea, cereal, vegetable juices and diluted fruit juices that are not too acidic. Also green smoothies are recommended. For example, if you mix two different leafy vegetables (for example, spinach, rocket, wild garlic leaves or salads) with water, a banana and a spoonful of coconut oil, you will get a nutrient-rich drink that strengthens the stomach against gastritis.

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