Food pyramid

If today the question of a healthy diet, the uncertainty is great. Which rules lead to a healthy diet are sometimes contradictory. Even the food pyramid, which has long been regarded as a reliable guideline, now exists in various variants. With so much uncertainty, many consumers prefer to stick to their familiar dietary habits, which may not be healthy, but what about healthy eating and drinking?

Healthy food pyramid

Anyone who deals with the topic of healthy nutrition, sooner or later encounters the food pyramid. It graphically illustrates in what proportion to each other different foods should be consumed in order to eat healthily. The base of the pyramid shows the preferred food, in the top are listed the foods that should be consumed in smaller quantities. The Food Pyramid is especially suitable for children to teach you healthy eating habits.

Is the food pyramid upside down?

Due to new scientific results, the food pyramid has been modified several times in recent years. That's a good thing, because research does not stand still and new findings in the field of healthy nutrition are communicated to the consumer in a timely manner. But for some time there seems to be no more agreement among the scientists. Numerous variants show the healthy food pyramid on the Internet in different forms.

Some safe rules for healthy eating, such as eating low fat and consuming lots of carbohydrates, seem to be on the wane. Some high-fat foods are suddenly spreading in the base of the food pyramid, with carbohydrate-containing products such as pasta, rice, and potatoes moving toward the top of the food pyramid due to their high glycemic index. Who should be smart about it?

If only it were that easy!

Humans tend to present things as simply as possible - especially when they are meant to explain to children. Thus, according to the previous recommendations abundant carbohydrates, moderate protein and low fat intake, the fats basically considered bad and the carbohydrates as positive. But it's not that easy. As we know today, there are very different qualities of fats, carbohydrates and proteins which are to be valued differently in terms of their health value. So it's not just about the quantity, the quality also plays a big role. This is exactly what can be explained with the food pyramid children.

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