Diet and breathing in the Mazdaznan doctrine

Eating a little, but correct and varied vegetarian, but not for the sake of food - this is the principle of the Mazdaznan diet. The goal of the more ascetic food intake is to become a perfect person. Simple breathing exercises are responsible for mental nutrition.

Nutrition is a process of creation

"Man is not on earth to collect everything that forest, meadow, field or garden throw off, in his stomach like in a sort of feed store, not even to be a sort of cemetery or cemetery for dead animals He here on earth proves the power of the spirit over matter. " So begins chapter 1 of the Mazdaznan Nutritionist. Two important aspects, namely animal food and feasting, reject the followers of this doctrine.

Simply put, Mazdaznan (pronounced "Masdasnan") is a life philosophy based on conscious breathing and nutrition. The word itself means "the thought that masters everything". In addition to proper nutrition proper breathing plays a major role.

Conscious food: less is more

Overweight and gluttony are taboo, self-restraint and moderate food come first. Preserved meat and meat are rejected, eggs and dairy products are allowed. Anyone who thinks that Mazdaznan diet is monotonous and strict is mistaken: the very deliberate way of taking in food deliberately brings variety to the diet. About two-thirds of the food should consist of vegetables and one-third of starch, fat and proteins.

The right combination is also crucial: two protein-containing foods are unfavorable; better would be fruit or vegetables with bread, rice or yogurt. Vegetables should not be steamed with water, but with little fat. In the morning, because of the rather strong digestion fasting is beneficial, only fruit juices are allowed, as they still support the digestion. Anyone who eats so, it is said in the teachings, sooner or later get rid of his or her overweight and live healthier.

Mazdaznan diet, the proponents claim, bring man the best of nature and thus increase his mental powers. Proper nutrition leads to the formation of higher potencies or forces in man, which develop a broadened, higher thinking in itself.

Right breathing

The Mazdaznan movement goes far back in time: to the ancient Iranian priest and prophet Zarathustra namely, who probably between 1000 and 500 BC. Lived in eastern Iran - he created Parsism - also called Mazdaism - a dualistic, strongly ethical religion. At the beginning of the 20th century Otto Hanisch introduced the Mazdaznan doctrine to the West. He studied medicine in Iran and got to know the teachings of Zarathustra. In addition to conscious nutrition, proper inhalation and exhalation provide the body with spiritual nutrition.

A Concentration or Creativity Exercise When Breathing In: Relax all the muscles, lift the chest up and hold it in that position, with the tongue flat on the floor of the mouth and the tip of the tongue on the bottom row of teeth, the eyes directed to a point at eye level, Now inhale fully until it stops, hold the breath for 20 to 30 seconds or more, then exhale until the lungs are completely deflated. Repeat this exercise three to five times, always holding the air for a little longer. You should never do this exercise immediately after a meal.

For malaise and circulatory weakness, this exercise helps: All muscles are relaxed, tongue as if inhaled. You exhale and empty the lungs until it stops. Do not inhale for 20 to 30 seconds or more and then re-enter deeply. Repeat this exercise three to five times.

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