Diet in fatty liver

The fatty liver is a benign disease. It is estimated that about one quarter of the population suffers from fatty liver due to the widespread spread of malnutrition and overeating. If the causes that led to the damage of the liver cells are eliminated as quickly as possible, the obesity usually forms completely back. However, if left untreated, it can lead to fatty liver hepatitis (steatohepatitis) and lead to long-term cirrhosis of the liver.

Normalization of body weight

If fatty liver is the cause of overeating and obesity, careful weight loss should be the goal. Changing the diet to a healthy, wholesome diet and exercising is the first step towards normalizing weight. Unilateral dietary forms and too rapid weight loss are not suitable in this case. Let yourself be supported by a competent nutrition expert, who sets up an individual nutrition program for you and accompanies you permanently.

Alcohol - no thanks!

Persistent alcohol consumption damages liver cells and is a common cause of liver disease. If there is liver damage, alcohol should generally be avoided.

Optimal adjustment of blood sugar

If there is diabetes (sugar disease) in addition to the liver disease, it is important that the blood sugar levels are optimally adjusted. Increased blood sugar causes many changes in the metabolism, including an increased level of free fatty acids in the blood. These promote an obesity of the liver cells. It makes sense to make an optimal adjustment of the blood sugar levels and a detailed training on diabetes in a specialized diabetes center.

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