Cold in the summer

Cold and cold in the warm season? Nonsense, so you have to expect only in the winter, many think and wonder when following a sunny day in the swimming pool a never-ending "Hatschi". Because even in the sunny season, cold viruses lurking on us.

Summer can mean stress for the body

Strong temperature fluctuations, physical exertion in the summer heat or sunburn often overwhelm our immune system. Risky are, for example, too long sunbathing or the tricky air conditioning in the car.

But too long a stay in the cool wet and wet swimwear, which is not changed immediately after swimming, straining the body's defense. And once the defense is weakened, cold viruses have an easy game.

A droplet can already make you sick

A cold man sneezes or coughs and people in the immediate vicinity breathe in the viruses. This process is also known as droplet infection. Is the immune system just tired, that can be enough to get a cold.

By the way: Children can also get infected with toys or playing with other children. They get faster and more often a cold, because their immune system has yet to learn to fight pathogens.

Finally summer - and then caught a cold

No sooner announces a cold, you feel miserable and longs for the bed. No wonder the body now needs a lot of sleep and rest to boost its immune system. The immune system is best strengthened by sufficient sleep, a vitamin-rich diet and anti-inflammatory preparations with vitamin C or the extract of red coneflower.

What else helps against the summer cold?

In case of a cold, a herbal steam bath with chamomile helps with throat pain and gurgling with sage. Understandably, those who, understandably, are reluctant to use a steam bath against their colds on hot summer days can also resort to nasal drops. Meanwhile, there are also preparations that contain in addition to the decongestant ingredient additionally nourishing substances and essential oils.

Quite naturally, the cold can be counteracted, if one reaches for a nasal spray with natural, isotonized sea water. The minerals and trace elements contained therein are adapted to the natural content in the nasal mucosa and therefore particularly gentle. The nasal mucosa remains moist for longer and is less susceptible to cold viruses. In addition, already invaded viruses are flushed out of the nose again, without that they can trigger the annoying cold.

Stress-free through the summer - 5 tips for your immune system

So that you can enjoy the summer unscathed and healthy, here are five helpful tips for you:

  1. Let it start slowly with the sunbathing. The skin first has to get used to the radiation. For more than 15 minutes, the first sunbath should not last a year. Do not forget to use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. Sunburns - especially in childhood - lead to premature skin aging and increase the risk of skin cancer enormously. Important: Always apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sunbathing. Infants basically do not belong in the sun. Wear headgear in direct sunlight and protect your eyes with sunglasses with UV filters.
  2. In the summer heat, the body needs sufficient fluid, as it loses much water by sweating. Therefore: drink at least two to three liters of liquid, but avoid icy drinks.
  3. Do not let air conditioners run too high or unnecessarily. Avoid drafts and always change moist sweaty clothes.
  4. Do not spend too long in cold water. The body cools down here despite the movement. That's why you should take a break at the first shivering.
  5. Dry off well after the bath and change the damp against dry clothes. Avoiding cold feet and drying the hair well, hypothermia of the body can be effectively prevented.
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