Catches? This helps!

Constantly caught a cold? Mostly in winter, cough, runny nose & co. Are particularly present. Especially in children have colds easy game because their immune system is still under construction. Here are some tips on how to best remedy, so the cold has no chance.


First signs of a cold are burning and tickling in the nose, shivering, sneezing and head pressure. The nasal mucous membranes swell, it forms viscous secretions. Moisten the air in the room to relieve the mucous membranes, and drink a lot to liquefy the secretions. A steam bath with chamomile or essential oils frees the nose. Used in moderation, nasal drops or sprays quickly drain the nasal mucosa. Maintain the damaged skin around the nose of the nose with healing ointment.

sore throat

Scratching, pain, difficulty swallowing and redness - typical symptoms of inflammation of the mucous membranes in the neck area. If it is an angina, the tonsils are swollen, reddened or ulcerated. Hoarseness occurs when the larynx and vocal cords are affected. Keep your neck and chest warm. Disinfecting gargle solutions, mouth sprays or lozenges provide relief. Moist indoor air and plenty of fluid (eg sage or fennel tea with honey) also help irritated mucous membranes to heal.

to cough

As a result of infection with viruses or bacteria, a common cold often causes a so-called "coughing up" cough. After sore throat and a dry, painful cough it comes after 2-3 days to heavy mucus production. Here, expectorant cough syrups, drops or tablets remedy the situation, and you should drink a lot, eg. As cough or bronchial tea. Cold Balm with essential oils has an antibacterial, mucolytic and antispasmodic action on the chest and back.


When the temperature rises above 38 ° C, the body signals that it is busy fighting pathogens. Paradox: If the fever rises, you freeze - if the fever falls, this is indicated by sweating. From 39.5 ° C fever should be treated, in any case, bed rest and protection are needed. Drink enough to avoid fluid loss and rising temperature. To reduce the fever, cold calf rolls are a proven home remedy, in pharmacies you get tablets or suppositories, which also help against headaches and body aches.

  • Drink a lot is necessary for colds - herbal teas, hot milk with honey and vitamin C-rich juices provide a change. If hunger strikes, light and vitamin-rich diets such as vegetable and chicken broth, fresh fruits and vegetables should be on the menu.
  • Sore throat: cover whole neck with damp cloth, wrap over dry cloth, change towels more often.
  • Hoarseness: Gargle with sage tea or salt water (1 teaspoon on a large glass of warm water).
  • Cough: warm milk with honey; Hollow out radish, fill with farin sugar, leave to infuse and add the juice by the spoon to strengthen the body's defenses.
  • Cold: Prepare salt solution (1 teaspoon on a large glass of water) with a pipette in the nose drizzle or spray into the nose with atomizer.
  • Fever is a healing reaction of the body, as cold viruses badly tolerate higher temperatures. A natural treatment consists of strict bed rest and cold calf wrapping: cover calves with cool, damp cloth, wrap dry outer cloth over it, renew after warming. A damp, cold compress on the forehead relieves the headache. If the fever lasts longer than one day, the doctor must be consulted. Infants with a fever should always go to the doctor.

Attention: full baths with essential oils and rubbing with menthol and camphor balm are only suitable for children from 6 years.

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