Erectile dysfunction - an open conversation with the partner can help

Erectile dysfunction in a partnership burden man and woman and make some couples speechless. Out of shame or out of fear of hurting others, many prefer to keep silent rather than talking to each other. However, an open discussion can be an important first step in solving the problem and making it easier for a man to confide in a doctor.

What should be considered when talking about erectile dysfunction

Such a conversation, however, costs overcoming and courage in both partners and straight men, it is often difficult to talk about feelings such as fear of failure and self-doubt. Often a woman is the driving force. Because many women burden it when the man does not talk to her about it. To help you get started, the following can help:

  • Find the right moment. A relaxed and intimate atmosphere, for example, on a walk together, a leisurely Sunday breakfast, after a nice dinner, together in the bathtub or during a long drive. Each couple has their own personal favorite situations in which a conversation is easier.
  • Stay objective, avoid emotionally charged situations. In a dispute over the budget money or the planned visit of the mother in law, the subject of "erectile dysfunction" has no business. Erectile dysfunction should not be associated with other everyday or relationship problems. Openly and honestly talk about your own feelings. Understand the feelings of the partner. Do not put the partner under pressure or exercise emotional coercion. The decision to seek medical help must be made by the man himself.
  • Do not force the conversation. If the partner is not ready yet, it is advisable to talk about it later. If the man has managed to speak openly with his partner about his problem and is supported by her, the conversation with the doctor is usually not so difficult for him. Together with the doctor, a form of therapy can be found that also takes into account the needs and demands of the partner and brings back the desired sexual satisfaction.
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