Erectile Dysfunction - Facts and Figures


  • In the case of an erectile dysfunction (also: erectile dysfunction, ED) an erection can not be achieved and / or maintained in order to be able to carry out a satisfactory sexual intercourse.
  • The severity of erectile dysfunction varies: it ranges from occasional difficulties in achieving an erection to total loss of erection.
  • According to medical definition one speaks of an erectile dysfunction, if this exists over at least three months. At least 70 percent of attempts to perform a sexual act are unsuccessful.

Not infrequently

  • In Germany alone, it is estimated that around five million men are affected by erectile dysfunction.
  • It is estimated that every fifth man experiences an erectile dysfunction during life.
  • There are approximately 190 million affected people worldwide.
  • The probability of getting erectile dysfunction increases with age.
  • Those affected usually take a lot of time to seek advice from a doctor.


  • It is estimated that about 70 to 80 percent of all erectile dysfunction have an organic cause.
  • By contrast, 20 to 30 percent have a mental cause.
  • In many cases, both factors play together.
  • The most common organic causes include cardiovascular disease (33 percent) and diabetes mellitus (25 percent).
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