Treat erectile dysfunction

Patients suffering from potency disorders can now find a personalized treatment regimen. Of course, the choice of treatment depends on the often very different causes of the disorder. The treatment spectrum ranges from drugs to erectile aids (vacuum pump) and vascular surgery to the implantation of penile prostheses. In all cases, psychological care is worthwhile, even if the causes may be purely organic.

Self-help - but professional

So that potency disorders, if possible, do not arise at all, risk factors such as alcohol, smoking, hypertension, arteriosclerosis or diabetes should be recognized and treated in good time. Therefore, it makes sense to take the appropriate precautionary appointments and to pay attention to healthy nutrition and sporty balance. The same applies to stress traps in all areas of life: especially younger men are among those affected with potency disorders, where stress and mental disorders are in the foreground. Although there is no targeted prevention of erectile dysfunction, a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk.

Stay away from self-experiments!

Even if the temptation is great, help from the sex shop or medications from the internet are not a solution to a medical problem that is often just the tip of a health iceberg. The successful treatment of erectile dysfunction can only succeed if the actual cause of the disorder is known. For one, the drug therapy must be accompanied and controlled by the doctor - even if the health insurance may not pay the drug. On the other hand, you should avoid illegal drugs, so actually prescription drugs that are delivered without a prescription, from the Internet. With side effects you have no liability to the manufacturer. In addition, the tablets may have been counterfeited or improperly handled and stored. The best place for drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is the pharmacy.

Talking is gold!

Frequently, erection problems are additionally aggravated by the fact that the topic is concealed and not addressed. This burdens the partnership. The assumption that the respective partner or the partner does not notice the erectile dysfunction can be forgotten. Anyone trying to sweep the problem under the carpet will aggravate their own pressure. An open discussion and involvement in treatment are the best way to successfully resolve the disorder. The attending physician - usually a urologist - will involve the respective partner in the diagnosis and therapy. Addresses of self-help groups and therapists specializing in sexual disorders can also be found here.


Innovative drugs for the removal of potency disorders can usually be taken half to twelve hours before sexual intercourse. The effect can then last up to 24 hours and can enable men to get an erection in as little as 30 minutes. As a result, affected persons can spontaneously experience sexual intercourse within this time period. In addition, the effect is not affected by food and alcohol intake. There are currently three different drugs on the market in Germany, all of which work according to the same biochemical principle, in which the blood vessels are enlarged and the blood circulation in the genitals is increased.
Drugs that are used in mental erectile dysfunction are usually not taken when needed, but taken regularly and over a longer period of time. An erection then takes place only with sexual stimulation. If the potency disorder is associated with a hormone deficiency, the corresponding hormone - usually testosterone - can be taken, injected, glued as a patch on the skin or applied as a gel on the skin.

SKAT - but without cards!

Unlike orally taken drugs, the local drugs act directly on the penis. For many men, this type of treatment is associated with great mental resistance. In the swollen body auto-injection therapy (SKAT), an active ingredient is injected directly into the erectile tissue. Because an extremely thin needle is used, there is hardly any pain. The erection occurs after about 10 minutes. In another system, the MUSE® (Medicated Ureter System for Erection), the active ingredient is introduced as a mini-tablet via an applicator into the urethra. However, the success rate is lower than with the SKAT application and it takes longer for the effect to occur.

Mechanical aids

Even with the help of a vacuum pump, an erection can be achieved. For this, the penis is inserted into a transparent plastic cylinder. In the cylinder, negative pressure is then generated with a small manual or electric pump. As a result, blood flows into the erectile tissue and makes the penis stiff. Once a sufficient erection is present, the backflow of blood from the erectile tissue is prevented with a penile ring. Cock rings can be used whenever a natural enough initial erection is possible. The penis ring is striped over the erect penis to the root of the penis. The erection can then be maintained, but an anatomically customized specimen must be used. In addition, they must not be worn for more than 30 minutes, otherwise the entire blood supply suffers.

Surgical procedures and implants

If the cavernosum can not be adequately supplied with blood, or the blood drains too quickly, vascular surgery can be performed. However, the success rates are not very high, so this intervention is only carried out in exceptional cases. The insertion of a cavernous implant is problematic. In this operation, large parts of the natural erectile tissue are destroyed and can not be restored. Therefore, this treatment is only for discussion in case of failure of all other treatment options for discussion.

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