Erectile Dysfunction - Prevention

Often there is the impression that in the case of erectile dysfunction or impotence, those affected are already tied in advance. Nevertheless, there are measures to prevent, so as not to have to fight with impotence. Here are some tips for preventing erectile dysfunction.

Tips for the prevention of erectile dysfunction

Men can do a lot to prevent erectile dysfunction from occurring: balanced diet and normal weight gain, limited alcohol consumption, no smoking and regular exercise are the cornerstones.

Care should be taken to achieve a balanced lifestyle, balancing strenuous, stressful times and phases of regeneration. Such a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of impotence, also because it helps prevent other risk factors such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Prevention and treatment measures

If such illnesses already exist, they must be treated adequately - so that problems with impotence do not arise at all or become from a mild erectile dysfunction non-erectile dysfunction. In addition, one should also avoid the dangers that may arise from acquired in sex shops aids or on the Internet bought potency pills.

A therapy of impotence with prescription drugs should be accompanied by a doctor; There is a risk with otherwise acquired funds that they are forged, tattered or - in the best case - ineffective. There are no liability claims for side effects. In any case, it is helpful to openly discuss the problems not only with the doctor but also with the sexual partner. This alone often creates relaxation and improvement in the symptoms of impotence.

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