Erectile Dysfunction - Symptoms and Diagnosis

Characteristic of the erectile dysfunction is that the penis is not at all, not sufficiently or not enough long stiff, so that the sexual act can not be completed or only incompletely. However, the transition from normal erectile dysfunction to erectile dysfunction is not clearly defined. Especially with age, many men need more pronounced and longer stimuli, so it comes to an erection.

Erectile dysfunction as a symptom

The situation becomes erectile dysfunction when the sexual act is no longer satisfactory for those involved. It is important to know that erectile dysfunction may be the first sign of a serious disorder such as diabetes or atherosclerosis with danger to the heart and brain.

Therefore: Even if it is difficult, the family doctor or a urologist should be visited for erectile dysfunction.

Do not be afraid of the doctor!

In the initial consultation with the doctor, those affected by impotence often have to overcome a certain amount of shyness - after all, there are a great many private topics, such as sexual life. It often helps to visit an urologist specializing in erectile dysfunction, which often offers questionnaires to fill in, which makes it easier for many patients than to talk about it. In addition, many questions are asked about habits, other complaints, pre-existing conditions and medications to find clues to the causes.

Diagnosis impotence

In the following physical examination not only the genitals are scanned (from the outside, the prostate from the inside over the rectum), but also, for example, blood pressure and pulse measured and the heart bugged. Subsequently, blood and urine are examined.

The imaging technique used is the ultrasound of the blood vessels of the penis at rest and possibly after injection of an erection-promoting drug (swelling body injection test), possibly also more accurate vessel images by means of X-ray contrast media. It is often checked with a simple measurement, whether and how strong the penis erects during sleep (tumescence measurement) - so can measure its basic functionality.

Involvement of the partner

Often in the counseling and treatment of the life partner is included - this relieves the open pressure talks the pressure to perform and improves the fear of failure in case of possible erectile dysfunction.

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