Relaxation exercises to fall asleep

Hardly a person is spared from sleep disorders, but with increasing age, the problems of falling asleep and staying asleep. Only too quickly then resort to sedatives and sleeping pills. Relaxation exercises can be of great help here. "Sleep is for the whole person, what about dressing for the clock." How right Arthur Schopenhauer has with this saying can confirm those 30 percent of Germans who lack healthy sleep.

But what is a healthy sleep? An adult needs about 7 - 8 hours of sleep, older people over the retirement age usually need only 5 - 6 hours. During sleep, you go through several phases of sleep that are different deep: Deep sleep, light sleep and dream sleep alternate. In a normal sleep, the depth of sleep increases sharply after falling asleep, then decreases and goes towards the morning in a mean constant sleep depth.

Symptoms of insomnia

Everyone has had this experience: the thoughts and worries circle around in the head, one is really upset or nervous, finally wants to sleep and can not. Restless rolling around only makes things worse.

There are different sleep disorders, which are summarized under the term "insomnia". Most, however, can be classified as falling asleep when more than half an hour passes before falling asleep. The other major cause is difficulty sleeping through, when it takes more than half an hour to wake up after a nightly waking up, before the person can fall asleep again.

A true sleep disorder is when the problem persists for at least three weeks and you feel battered and exhausted the next day. Then you should visit the doctor and clarify the causes with him. Severe insomnia is treated with drugs in the short term, but here great caution is required in the chemical means, as they may lead to dependence among others.

Causes of sleep disorders

The individual causes of sleep disorders are very different: family or work-related worries and problems affect sleep in most cases, and even more depression. Some illnesses such as chronic liver inflammation and physical pain prevent a peaceful and healthy sleep.

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