Relaxation exercises before falling asleep

Simple relaxation exercises before falling asleep

If you are only suffering from sporadic sleep or sleep problems, this simple exercise can help:

You lie down on your back, possibly without pillows. It makes it as comfortable as possible and ensures that nothing cramped, such as a heavy blanket. Now put one hand flat on the chest and the other hand on the stomach, just below the navel.

You breathe deeply and deeply, trying to get rid of all thoughts. Thoughts that come are simply allowed to move on. It focuses on the breath and tries to feel it clearly. The thoughts become less and less, the breath becomes deeper and calmer. If you feel relaxed the exercise can be stopped.

If you suffer from severe tension, you should try this yoga exercise:

You lie on your back and cover the back of the head with your palms. Then gently pull your hands along the neck. Now lay your head on the floor, your arms are loosely next to the body, the palms face up. The legs are stretched and slightly open, the toes point outward.

Now close your eyes and try to relax every part of your body. It's best to start with your feet. You should breathe evenly and calmly, disturbing thoughts just come and let go again until they disappear. One gives oneself to the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling. All tensions are released to the ground.

You can also imagine a staircase with ten steps that you go down step by step. At each level, you stop for a few seconds, imagining how to be more relaxed and calmer with each stage. At level ten, you have reached a high level of relaxation. Here you stay a while, before you stretch calmly and with relish. But with a little luck sleep is already here!

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