Relaxation - more important today than ever

Every day you are exposed to the most diverse strains, efforts and annoyances. Your body responds with tension or stress. Excessive stress causes headaches, insomnia, stomach aches, tension, irritability and restlessness.

What does stress mean?

In stressful situations, the body produces more adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones help the organism to cope with the demands. However, if this condition lasts longer, health problems can occur. Long-term stress is one of the biggest risk factors for hypertension and heart attack. The body becomes more susceptible to infections because the immune system is depressed.

Causes are external factors such as noise, overstimulation and overloading or internal factors such as anger, pressure to perform and physical exertion. The stress in daily life can be avoided only conditionally. Therefore, sufficient rest and relaxation must be provided.

What helps to relax?

  • Stress can best be translated into physical activity: doing sports, going for a walk, or doing a physical job that is fun.
  • Help from your pharmacy offer drops or pills based on plant.
  • A relaxation bath with calming bath salts is a fast-acting measure to relax body and soul.
  • Relaxation methods such as autogenic training or yoga help you to deal with stress calm and calm.
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