Ice cold temptation

Summer, sun, sunshine - what tastes better than a delicious cold ice cream! Every German treats an average of 8 liters of ice a year. Although there are more and more fancy ice creams such as chili, cheese or cookies, the classic vanilla, chocolate, strawberry are still a hit. Sorbets and fruit ice are becoming increasingly popular. This year, fruits such as melon, mango, currant and apricot are very popular.

Energy content of ice

Due to the increasing number of nutrition-conscious consumers, more and more reduced-sugar and reduced-fat products end up in the freezer chests even on ice. Calorie-reduced ice must contain 30% less energy than a comparable product. Low-fat is an ice cream when the fat content is a maximum of 3 g / 100 g ice.

But if you want to enjoy your ice calorie-conscious, you do not necessarily have to buy light versions. The German Nutrition Society e. V. (DGE) says: "In small quantities and deliberately enjoyed as a dessert, ice does not necessarily have to be a calorie bomb." The energy content varies considerably depending on the type of ice cream, since ice cream has a high sugar content and usually also fat content.

Fruit ice cream is generally lower in calories than ice cream: a small portion of vanilla cream ice cream with chocolate sauce and cream weighs about 420 calories, a fruit ice cream cup and brittle with about 260 calories.

background information

The first hand-operated ice cream machine was developed in 1843 in the USA. In Germany, Carl von Linde invented the ice cream machine in 1881 - but the industrial production of ice cream did not become established until after the Second World War. Today, the German market for industrially manufactured branded ice is about 538 million liters.

The basic ingredients for ice cream are still milk and dairy products such as cream and butter, various sugars and possibly fruits. Some varieties are refined with chocolate, nuts or spices. Depending on the variety, the milk, fat and sugar content of ready-made ice varies considerably. Average energy content of different ice creams and preparations per serving (= 75 g ball)

85EissorteEnergy content per ball (kcal)
diet ice cream85
Lemon sorbet90
Buttermilk or yoghurt ice cream with fruit115
Milk ice cream (eg strawberry, vanilla)150
Black Forest Cherry Ice Cream160
Bourbon vanilla ice cream165
Milk ice cream (chocolate)170
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