Sleep-in rituals for babies

Ever thought about sleep rituals for your own baby or toddler? An exciting day in the kindergarten, quarrels with your best friend or anticipation of the birthday party the next day - a lot of haunts kids in the evening in the head when bedtime is actually. So falling asleep is not always easy for them. Every fifth preschooler suffers from sleep problems, stays awake for a long time before falling asleep, or wakes up at night. Experts advise children to go to bed with a sleep-in ritual like a bedtime song, to talk in the evening together about the past day and to set clear bed times.

Sleep-in rituals for a baby

Babies overslept two-thirds of the day. However, they wake up every three to four hours, mostly because they are hungry. In the second year, children sleep about 13 hours, six-year-olds still need about 10.5 hours of sleep. "However, sleep patterns can vary greatly from child to child, " says psychologist York Scheller. "Not every baby easily finds a regular sleep pattern, they need to learn to sleep as well as sit up or crawl."

Sleep-in rituals for toddlers

When falling asleep, toddlers increasingly suffer in the third to fourth year of life. At this age, they become more and more aware of their independent personality, and the evening separation from the parents often causes anxiety. Here it can help to burn the lights in the hall and let the nursery door ajar. Also a cuddly toy in the arm, the favorite bed linen and soft talking of the parents from the next room convey familiarity.

Rituals help to calm down

Night-time faces as a sleep-in ritual and clear bedtime give children safety and help them to rest in the evening. Here are a few good examples to end the day quietly:

  • This includes eating together with the whole family - preferably always at about the same time.
  • Also the nightly routine of changing, washing and brushing should have their order.
  • So that children have their mind free at night, it helps them to talk together in the evening about the past day.
  • The most beautiful moment of the day - and at the same time the best sleep aid: Snuggled up with your father or mother before falling asleep or reading a bedtime story. Such a ritual gives children safety and helps them to rest in the evening. Suitable is anything that is quiet and the sprout as much fun as his parents.

The fact that children like adults wake up again and again at night, turning from one side to the other, is normal. Usually you fall asleep immediately, without remembering the sleep interruptions the next morning.


However, especially between the ages of three and five, many boys and girls are awakened by nightmares at night. Even if a child feels overwhelmed or suffers from conflict, scary dreams can be the result. Because in a dream, they process what they experience during the day. Already everyday situations like an angry yapping dog or a quarrel with the big brother can unsettle children. At night, witches, monsters or dangerous animals hunt the little ones and they start screaming.

It is only towards the end of kindergarten that children learn that dreams are not real. "The best way to help the little one is when her parents calm her down at night, and then the next morning, they should talk to their offspring again about the dream and help them put the dream into everyday life, " suggests York Scheller.

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