Fall asleep by baby and toddler - sleep training

Sleep training for stubborn "Wachbleiber"

There are also a number of methods (such as the tweedle method) that train the child to fall asleep independently. They are all based on a similar principle. Namely, to lay the child alone and awake and to leave the room after the soothing sleep-ritual. If the baby cries now, the mother will go into the room after certain intervals of time (from 2 minutes to 15 minutes) to comfort the child (no more than 2 minutes).

No light is switched on and the child is not taken out of bed or distracted from sleep by another action (drinking, eating or something similar). These methods can be very stressful for the parents, because they have to be carried out consistently over several days before the desired result occurs.

Do children sleep worse today than they used to?

There is currently no evidence for this thesis. Nevertheless, there are some indications that children nowadays fall asleep worse, because they are exposed to more stimuli from birth and have to process them in their sleep. But this also means that as much rest as possible should be taken before bedtime. So that it is shielded from light, noise and smell.

Since today's parents use gentler parenting methods, it is probably more common for them to treat the children like little adults and not to understand that they can not set their own limits. As far as sleep is concerned, children often do not know or realize that they are tired. Alone, out of the fear of missing out, hardly a child would go to bed voluntarily.

In order to find a daily rhythm, children are therefore dependent on the help of their parents. These should not be afraid to be inflexible or unnecessarily authoritarian with a clear and consistent daily routine. Because constancy and regularity are of particular importance to the human organism as well as to the psyche and provide the children with security and security.

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