Falling asleep by baby and toddler - sleeping alone

The topic of baby sleep is controversial among experts and parents: Should babies sleep with their parents in bed or in their own cot? Where do babies sleep safely and well? We have the pros and cons of co-sleeping and having children sleeping alone.

Fall asleep - but alone

Even babies have different sleep cycles during the night, in which deep sleep phases and the lighter dream phases alternate. Between these phases the child awakens briefly. The decisive factor is whether it will go to sleep on its own or wake up properly and cry.

That is why it is important for babies to learn to fall asleep by themselves. Not by rocking, by weighing, in Mama's arm or on the chest. A wrong sleep aid, for example, the hours driving around with the car or stroller be. Because the little ones get used to slumbering in only by movement.

The help: a consistent daily routine and beautiful rituals

It takes about six weeks for babies to gradually learn to distinguish day and night. But they also have to be helped. Namely, when parents make the difference to them. This means: It is light during the day, it is played and eaten. At night it is dark and quiet and it is slept.

The better the day is structured and the more consistent the days are, the easier it is for the child to find peace in the evening or at night. Above all, the observance of fixed bedtime is important. Rituals can help the little ones to part with their parents for the night and relax:

  • If possible, the baby should fall asleep where it wakes up again. If, for example, he sleeps while breastfeeding and suddenly wakes up in his cot, he is rightly confused. In addition, it will then immediately back to the chest.
  • The same evening routine at bedtime creates security and allows a good farewell to the day: for example, bathing, breastfeeding or feeding, wrapping, extensive cuddling, putting to bed, singing a bedtime song, praying or music box.
  • Make sure that the child no longer completely "turns up" in the evening and rages through the apartment, but that the day fades away slowly and quietly.
  • Make sure you have a good sleeping atmosphere: darken the room, ventilate well, and protect your child from noise.
  • Many babies are doing well when wrapped tightly in a blanket for reassurance. This limitation gives them stability and security and prevents sleep interruptions due to jerky movements.
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