Easy back exercises for everyday life

In order to prevent back pain and to relieve already existing complaints, a mix of stretching, strengthening and coordination exercises makes sense.


To get started and warm up simple stretching exercises are well suited. They relax the muscles and keep them moving.

Exercise 2: Stretches the upper arm muscles

Extend one arm vertically and bend your elbow as far behind your head as possible. Then with your other hand pull your elbow towards the opposite shoulder. Hold tension for about 10 seconds and then change arm.

Exercise 1: Stretching your shoulders

Grasp the wrist of the other hand with one hand and pull your arm over your head to the opposite side. Hold the tension for about 10 seconds and repeat the exercise with the other arm.

Exercises with the Turnstab

The Turnstab can be used particularly well for the strengthening and stretching of the shoulder musculature. In addition, it is suitable for self-perception of posture. Hold the rod perpendicular to your back with both hands. Do the back of the head, the thoracic spine, and the pelvis touch the wand? If so, then your spine is definitely straight.

Exercise 4: Stretches the shoulder muscles

Take the upright posture again and grab the rod at one end. Run it vertically behind your back and try to bring your hands together as far as possible. Hold the position for about 10 seconds and then change arms. Perform the exercise for about 30 seconds, making sure your back stays straight.

Exercise 3: Strengthens shoulder and back muscles

Sit upright on a chair, tilt the pelvis slightly forward and lift the sternum. Grasp the turn rod with both hands and stretch your arms vertically over your head. Now tilt the upper body forward and turn it alternately with small, relatively fast movements from right to left.

Exercises with the Theraband

The Theraband is also suitable for the individual strengthening of the musculature. The bands are available in different strengths. For the following exercises, choose the strength to do about 10 repetitions of the exercises.

Exercise 5: Strengthening the shoulders

Sit upright and make sure to keep your back straight. Grasp the Theraband with both hands at a distance of about 30 cm, with the palms pointing upwards. Let the shoulders hang loose and pull the band apart with both hands. Then slowly release the tension. Repeat the exercise about 10 times.

Exercise 6: Strengthens the back

Put your right foot on the Theraband and take the other end in your left hand. Then, against the resistance of the band, slide your left arm diagonally to the top left. Release the tension and lower the arm until you still feel tension in the shoulder. Repeat the exercise about 10 times and then change the arm.

Exercises with dumbbells

Straight dumbbells are by their handiness a suitable training device to effectively improve the strength endurance. Choose the weight of the dumbbells so that you can perform the exercises without shoulder tension.

Exercise 7: Strengthens the deep back muscles and stabilizes the spine

Sit upright on a chair and stretch your arms straight up. Tilt your upper body forward. Now lift and lower both arms for about 30 seconds in short, fast hacking movements. Stretch your spine.

Exercise 8: Strengthens the shoulder and chest muscles

Lift both arms sideways with bent elbows. Then the dumbbells and elbows in front of the head lead to each other. Perform the movement about 10 times.

Exercises with the Powerball

The Powerball adapts optimally to the body and relaxes the back muscles. In addition, flexibility and sense of balance are trained.

Exercise 9: Strengthens the abdominal muscles

Sit down on the Powerball, raise your left knee and press with your right hand against the raised knee. Stretch the left arm towards the ceiling. Approximately Repeat 10 times and then change leg.

Exercise 10: Strengthens the back

Lean down on the ball with your hands and toes on the floor. Now slowly lift the left arm and the right leg and stretch out. Keep tension short and then change arm and leg. Repeat the exercise about 15 times.

Exercises on the gym mat

Simple functional gymnastics exercises to strengthen the muscles.

Exercise 11: Strengthens the lateral trunk muscles

Lie in the side position, leaning on your left forearm and bending your left leg. Stretch your right arm over your head. Raise and stabilize the pelvis. Keep the tension to muscle fatigue. Then change the page.

Exercise 12: trains the back muscles

Go to the quadruped stand. Extend your right arm and left leg diagonally. The view is directed to the ground. Perform the exercise about 10 times and then change arm and leg.
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