A new pregnancy?

Again pregnant after a miscarriage

In most cases, there is no medical reason to believe that another pregnancy also ends in miscarriage. Although women who have had two miscarriages are at risk for another miscarriage, the reasons for the miscarriages may be different.

No time rules for a new pregnancy

Basically, there are no rules on how fast a woman should get pregnant again after a miscarriage. That depends on the woman and her way of handling the event. Some want to get pregnant again as soon as possible, others need months or years before they can take such a step again.

Consultation after a miscarriage

Independent medical advice is provided by the counseling centers of Pro Familia (also genetic counseling), Caritas and Donum Vitae. The counseling centers also offer psychological support after miscarriage, abortion and during a new pregnancy. Human genetic examinations and consultations are possible through the appropriate institutes at the university hospitals. For this one should contact the nearest university hospital - if the forwarding does not already take place over the treating gynecologist.

Funeral after a miscarriage

For a long time, the distinction between "miscarriage" on the one hand and "stillbirth" on the other played a role when parents wanted to bury their dead child. In many places the funeral of "miscarriages" was not possible, but of stillbirths already. Meanwhile, the insight has prevailed that even parents who have lost their child through a miscarriage, need a place to mourn.

These children can be buried in most federal states at the request of parents, even if there are no corresponding laws, but only recommendations of the competent bodies. The responsible contact person can be found in the local cemetery office.

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