Showers: Tips for every skin type

We want to be clean, best pore-deep clean - and always. A staggering 93 percent of Germans often shower and shower because they find it hygienic, according to a Forsa survey. But is such a pronounced cleanliness even desirable - at least from the point of view of our largest organ, the skin?

Daily showering strains the skin

Especially dry skin is strained by frequent showering. It loses important fats and moisture. The acid mantle, which protects the skin from external influences, is damaged in dry skin by any shower. Although it is also a burden for fat to intensive cleaning, but it can rebuild the acid mantle faster.

Conclusion: daily shower is not necessary. Armpits, genital area and feet can also be cleaned with the washcloth. If you have to take a shower every day, you should do it as short as possible and not too hot and not completely soak yourself every time.

Extra tip for athletes: If you have already showered in the evening after the sport, you should wash the next morning only briefly - that is enough and protects the skin from dehydration.

Which skin needs something?

Dry skin People with low-fat, and therefore dry, skin should avoid anything that deprives them of additional fat, because: "Even the best body lotion is never as good as the protection of the body's own fats", Dr. Ax Gadermann. That means: showering as briefly as possible and lukewarm. Shower gels for dry skin should be pH neutral (pH 7) to "acidic" (pH 5). This is written on the label - possibly in the fine print. Also recommended are shower oils or cream showers. Dr. Ax Gadermann: "They do not work, moisturizing, " as often stated on the pack, but at least they deprive the skin significantly less fat than a normal shower gel. Peelings should be done at most once a month.

Sensitive skin With this type of skin the regeneration of the acid mantle and the fat production are disturbed. As a result, the skin quickly reacts with redness, burning or itching to mechanical (such as wool) or chemical stimuli (such as fragrances and dyes). Dr. Axt-Gadermann: "Similar recommendations apply here as for dry skin, and for showering you should prefer products that contain as few surfactants as possible, as well as scents, colors and preservatives." To avoid irritation, treat your skin best like a raw egg: dab with soft towels, only lukewarm water, no scrubs.

Oily skin "This type of skin is better at eliminating frequent showering, because the removed skin lipids are replicated quickly, " says Dr. Ax Gadermann. Nevertheless, you should use mild shower gels even on oily skin. Too aggressive cleaning would stimulate the skin to produce even more fat. "" It is best to take a lukewarm shower and avoid drying off: the evaporating water has a cooling effect - even with a slightly longer effect. The famous cold shower on the other hand cools only briefly and then stimulates the skin circulation: the best condition for the next sweat breakout. "

Do cooling shower gels or lotions help against a heatwave?

The cooling effect is often achieved by the addition of essential oils (such as menthol in peppermint oil). However, this is not always well tolerated by sun-excited skin. For cooling lotions and after-sun gels, the effect is mostly based on the alcohol it contains, which in turn dries out the skin. So: good times for (Lau-) warm shower!

Scratching increases the blood circulation of the skin

The skin circulation and thus the immune system can be stimulated by special peels for the body, with brushes or glove massages, at the same time removing dead skin cells.

Shower gel as skin care

Shower gel is still the most popular product for women and men. While female users tend to prefer a gentle, nourishing effect, men may feel fresh, tingling and invigorating with active ingredients.

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