Dread disease insurance

Insuring Dread Disease sensibly?

Dread disease insurance is a relatively new form of insurance. Anyone who has recently taken a look at the offers of private insurers may also have come across a dread disease insurance. In the United States or the United Kingdom in particular, this hedge is a popular form of securing additional health risks, and its basic character is reminiscent of occupational disability insurance. More and more insurance companies in mainland Europe are choosing to supplement their range of services with a dread disease insurance, thus offering the possibility of even more comprehensive safety for their own health. Especially for self-employed and freelancers, the choice of a Dread Disease Insurance makes sense, as it eliminates the immediate source of income in a serious illness.

Performance of a dread disease insurance

As the English name suggests, the benefit case of a Dread Disease Insurance occurs when the policyholder suddenly experiences a particularly serious illness. A heart attack or a stroke are the most common causes in this regard, but the range of individual insurers can go much further and classify other diseases than dread diseases. If it comes to the case of the performance, the insurer directly grants a higher one-off payment, similar to the profit distribution of a life insurance. This money should provide spontaneous financial relief and mitigate the negative economic consequences of the disease.

Do not give up occupational disability protection

Although at first glance it may appear as if one could dispense with a classic disability insurance by concluding a dread disease insurance, this new form of insurance should rather be seen as a supplement to the previous offers of the insurance market. Admittedly, a benefit claim with such existing insurance cover ensures spontaneous, financial relief; However, it makes special sense to be able to rely on the monthly payments from a disability contract after this. Especially if a suffered illness should not ensure that one must stay away from work and therefore no benefits from a disability contract or accident insurance must be due, the conclusion of a dread disease insurance worth in a special way.

Dread Disease: What risks are insured?

The Dread Disease insurance is a relatively new form of insurance, which is located with their benefits between an accident insurance and occupational disability insurance. In the event of a sudden and serious illness, the Dread Disease Insurance will provide a one-time lump sum and, for example, provide financial relief during the rehabilitation phase, even if no disability or accident insurance benefits are granted. Since this form of protection in Germany has not yet been adequately analyzed by many policyholders, many interested parties are wondering which risks are even taken over by such insurance. This is depending on the insurance anyway very different and makes it worthwhile to check various offers of the market.

Heart attack and stroke as basic risks

A stroke or heart attack is one of the types of disorders most commonly used for Dread Disease insurance. For all insurers in Germany that already offer such insurance, these two events form part of the standard insurance cover, which leads directly to a benefit claim. In addition, many insurers include other risks in their contracts, such as cardiovascular disease or cancer. Which clinical picture must be regarded as a dread disease, is thus alone in the eyes of the insurer and thus leads to numerous differences in the design of this form of insurance.

Other insurance specifically supplement

The Dread Disease Insurance is a protection that closes an insurance gap in the German system. Anyone who suffers from a serious illness but does not incapacitate or incapacitate for permanent incapacity must, in the worst case, completely renounce the benefits of his insurer. Nevertheless, the costs of rehabilitation and medical aids are incurred and make it so sensible to be able to access a certain share capital in the event of such a serious illness. The Dread Disease Insurance applies precisely at this point and thus creates a financial freedom that may be desired in all circumstances by numerous policyholders.

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