The most important make-up tips of the professionals

Make up like a pro - we'll tell you how it works with the perfect make-up: Here you will find tips and tricks for the Foundation as well as rouge and eye make-up. In addition, we'll tell you what you should refrain from makeup anyway.

Tips and Tricks for the Foundation

  • Apply make-up (or foundation) with your fingers, it will last a long time, cover better, and your complexion will stay dull.
  • Make-up looks finer and more natural when applied with a moistened sponge.
  • Always apply the make-up from top to bottom, ie start at the forehead, then spread sideways with large movements and end at the chin.
  • To mask redness and pigmentation, it is best to use opaque make-up or compact make-up, in a firm, creamy consistency.
  • A green concealer applied under the make-up neutralises redness and pimples.
  • Big pores are better overplayed when you knock on your make-up instead of painting it.
  • If the skin tone is too brown you will rarely find the right make-up tone. Alternatively, you can also use a tinted day cream.
  • Remove excess applied make-up with a tissue.

What to avoid: To be sparing with the foundation, too much of it looks unnatural. However, not too little should be used otherwise the skin may appear uneven and blotchy.

Tips and tricks for rouge

  • For light skin, slightly pigmented rouge tones are recommended, whereas darker and tanned skin should also be heavily pigmented rouge.
  • It looks most natural when you powder over the rouge again.
  • The rouge can be placed with a small brush the most accurate.
  • For full faces, a matte rouge is recommended so that the face does not look even rounder.
  • The color of the rouge should be adapted to that of the lipstick.

This should be avoided: 1. Do not pass the transitions with your fingers, always use a brush. The skin fat could make the make-up spotty and you have to start from scratch. 2. Too strong tones are not appropriate for the rouge. Choose better muted, classic, flattering tones. 3. If tinted day cream is used, cream rouge fits better than powder rouge. Then do not apply powder that smears.

Tips and tricks for eye make-up

  • It is best to apply the eye shadow with your finger, because this usually gives you a better feeling for the right amount, and the pressure keeps the color longer.
  • Cream eye shadows should be covered with powder after application so that it lasts longer and looks more discreet.
  • If you want to use several colors, you should always apply the darker colors first, so that the transitions are more fluid.
  • If you apply kohl and add powder eyeshadow, it will be guaranteed to last the whole day.
  • With white kohl, small eyes can come out big, they look more alert, more interested.

This should be avoided: 1. Never mix two or more eyeshadows, the color effect is usually dirty-gray. 2. Mascara always comes at the end, so that no Eyeshadow dust can put on the lashed eyelashes. 3. If you have sensitive eyes or contact lenses, it is best to use creamy eyeshadow to prevent eyeshadow dust from entering the eyes.

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