The right glasses at the workstation

If your back hurts, your head is buzzing and your eyes are watering while working on the computer screen, it may be because of the wrong glasses. Eyewear with special glasses adapted to the workstation can relieve discomfort in many situations. 40 percent of all people who spend more than three hours a day in front of their computer complain of complaints to the visual system: dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches and photosensitivity. And that, although many screen workers already wear glasses. Nevertheless, it can lead to health problems, if the eyes or the everyday glasses are not up to the requirements of VDU work.

Problems of reading and progressive lenses

A reading glasses corrects the vision only for the immediate reading area at a distance of about 40 to 50 centimeters, the screen is already too far away with about 80 centimeters. Reading glasses wearers or people with an undiscovered or incorrectly corrected ametropia often sit bent forward, otherwise they can no longer decipher the writing on the screen.

Even progressive spectacle wearers have their problems: A conventional progressive lens corrects while important for the screen work viewing distance of about 70 centimeters - but only in a narrow part of the glass. The screen operator must, in order to read the writing on the screen through the middle area of ​​the progressive lens goggles, raise his head and lean forward. The posture is involuntarily cramped and rigid, it comes to tension in the cervical spine.

Benefits of a computer screen goggles

Remedy promises glasses with VDU workstation glasses. Compared to reading and progressive spectacles, this lens has a wide mid-range of vision so that the eyes always look sharp even when looking at the keyboard, screen and colleague at the neighboring table - while always maintaining a relaxed and orthopedic correct posture. In some cases even the employer pays part of the cost of VDU eyewear, should this be a health requirement.

In addition to the recommended regular breaks help with strong strained eyes and special relaxation exercises. Wellness for the eyes is to spend some time looking into the green - the park next door or a treetop in front of the window are pure relaxation for the strained eyes.

Also the regular and conscious closing of the eyes for a few seconds helps: The eyes are moistened well again. Investigations have shown that the frequency of the eyelid blow by the constant concentrated view of the monitor decreases and so the cornea is no longer kept sufficiently moist.

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