The best home remedies for cold

Home remedies for colds can help before a doctor needs to be consulted. The helpers from Grandmother's time are right back on the rise. Cold wind, slush or icy rain cool the body and make some a couch potato. But that's exactly what is wrong if you want to protect yourself from colds. Get out in the fresh air is the motto. Because dry heating air harms the mucous membranes and without healthy cold stimuli, the organism does not adjust to the particular burden of the impending winter. Even those who are prone to winter depression should definitely use the little daylight to counteract the dull mood.

Quick help against cold

As a home remedy against the onset of cold the harmless kind helps an elderflower tea. Hot drunk, best sweetened with honey, he makes the body sweat vigorously and defend itself against the impending illness. It's best to drink it before going to bed and cover up well enough to get the sweat-on-the-job going. Foot baths with salt warm the body properly and also help to get a cold before.

For the stuffy nose

If you have a cold, wash your nose with saline. The right mixture (0.9% sodium chloride - which corresponds to the natural salinity of our body) is available in pharmacies to buy. Bacteria, viruses and other pathogens are flushed from the mucous membranes, the nose is freed and secretions can drain. Also, to prevent colds and sinus infections, doctors recommend daily rinsing of the nose with saline.

Caution is advised with cold sprays, which cause the mucous membranes to decongest (so-called sympathomimetics). They help to drain the secretion and can thus serve well in sinus infections. But if you use them for more than a week at a stretch, the dreaded habituation process may already have started: The nose is still swelling, although the cold is already over. The patient got used to his nasal spray and can not stand it anymore.

Essential oils can also bring relief with a blocked nose. The oils, especially eucalyptus and mint, dissolve the mucus and thus help to defeat the cold more quickly.

Recipes for cough

Grandmother's onion syrup helps against cough: Finely chop a medium onion, sprinkle well with sugar and allow to stand covered and take the teaspoonful of juice that has formed after one hour. The essential oils of the onion release the cough. The vitamin C, which is abundant in the onion, strengthens the immune system.

Other foods also contain substances that can help against colds, such as chicory, garlic and leeks. They should therefore be eaten abundantly and regularly in winter. Linden flower tea is also recommended to relieve the onset of coughing and to facilitate coughing.

Honey as a sweetness strengthens the immune system and calms the irritated neck. Also horseradish is a good helper, if one of the coughing plagues. Grated and mixed with honey and grated carrots, it can be taken several times a day.

Chest wrap against bronchitis

Breast compresses are recommended for the treatment of bronchitis. For this purpose, the entire upper body is wrapped in a cold, wet, well-wrung linen cloth. A terrycloth is placed over it and finally the whole patient is wrapped well in a warm blanket. In this way, relief occurs quickly.

Help with a sore throat

A throat infection can be combated in various ways. A warm neck wrap promotes blood circulation in the affected area and thus strengthens the local defense. Fennel tea soothes the throat, especially when sweetened with honey. Honey naturally has antibacterial potential that can help us in case of a cold. Gargling with chamomile tea disinfects the neck and promotes healing of the affected areas.

Potato and onion for earache

Earache fought our grandmother with a potato topping. Boil two small potatoes very softly, crush and spread on a cloth. Place the linen cloth with the mashed potatoes on the aching ear as a warm compress. Such a potato dressing can also be applied to sinusitis or frontal sinusitis. It relieves pain in all cases and dissolves the stuck mucus.

Even a chopped onion can be used as an ear pad. Their essential oils also have a positive effect on the ear pain.

Fragrance lamps and essential oils

Even with fragrance lamps can be used to fight a cold. Rosemary and thyme oil as fragrance additives fill the room with a spicy fragrance and have a positive effect on the inflamed mucous membranes. Menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus, camphor, mountain pine or chamomile are also suitable for direct inhalation over a steaming water bowl or in an inhaler. However, asthma sufferers should be cautious, some people react rather poorly to essential oils.

Anyone who suffers from his illness longer, or if the fever rises significantly above 39 degrees, but better a doctor should be consulted. From a simple cold, a middle ear infection or a strong bronchitis becomes too fast. But if you prevent a little, you can enjoy even in bad weather on the beautiful side of the early winter.

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