The 10 biggest pitfalls - and how to fix them

For seniors, the danger of falling in their own home is particularly high. Nearly 90 percent of all household fatalities happen to people older than 65 years. The reasons for this are diverse. They range from diminishing physical forces, high thresholds, to missing anti-slip mats in the shower or bath. The action SAFE HOUSE (DSH) names these ten most common pitfalls and gives tips on how to fix them:

1. Too many furniture in a small space

Before each piece of furniture should be about 1.20 meters space. If the room is too full, it will be difficult to get through safely. Tip: do without one or the other piece, even if it is difficult.

2nd slide in the bathroom

Holds in the shower or bath and near the toilet add to the safety. Put an anti-slip mat in the shower or bath. Seating in the bathroom create.

3. Get out fast at night - in the dark

Plug night lights into the sockets on much gone lanes (corridor, hallway). Better: fixed lights on the paths, which are mounted so that the light does not dazzle you.

4. Slippers and Puschel slippers

Slippers should be flat, have a tread sole and provide the foot with a firm grip, especially on the heel. Replace worn shoes in good time.

5. stairs

  • Flower vases and platforms are not for landings.
  • Never fully loaded and going up or down stairs in a hurry.
  • Illuminate stairs well (light switch top and bottom)
  • Secure steps with non-slip pads, for example rubber strips on stone steps.

6. Loose carpets and runners

Remove as possible, as always a pitfall. If you do not want that, you should secure loose carpets and runners with double-sided adhesive anti-slip rubbers. Attention: Different coverings for different floors (stone, parquet, carpet, PVC). Advise in specialized trade.
Also secure upstanding corners with coverings that are adhesive on both sides.

7. Door sills

Remove as much as possible. If that does not work, paint with a paint that stands out clearly from the surrounding floor.

8. Chair as an upgrade

Keep steps and ladders so that they can be brought out quickly (not: garage, basement, attic).
Immediately replace damaged ladders with a new one, paying attention to the GS mark (stands for "tested safety").

9. Hang up the curtains, change the bulb

If you find these tasks difficult, ask relatives or neighbors for help. Often the helpfulness is greater than expected.

10. Extension cords and telephone cables: the longer, the better?

Stick the extension cords to the floor along the entire length with the package adhesive tape. Better: have additional sockets installed.
Telephone cables should not be too long. Better: buy a cordless phone.

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