The 10 best trouble killer

That we get annoyed from time to time, is quite normal. Often it's just little things that make us upset. It's not always worth it to get angry. Unfortunately, anger and anger are hard to control emotions that usually just break out of us. Still, you can do a lot to keep your anger at bay. This is especially important for your health, because who is constantly angry, must reckon with rising blood lipid and sugar levels. With a few tips and tricks, however, you can stay calm in the concrete situation. We have put together the 10 best trouble killer for you.

1. Breathe deeply

If you are just about to get really upset, you should take a deep breath. This is a well-known trick - but really helps. It's best to use the 4-6-8 method: take a deep breath and count to 4, hold the breath and count to 6 and exhale, counting to 8. Repeat the exercise then at least four times.

In addition to deep breathing, the famous "to ten counting" is recommended. Then, although the trouble is usually not yet smoky and the problem is not resolved - you avoid a short-circuit reaction that you would probably regret later.

2. Look from the outside

Even if it is difficult in the concrete situation: Try to step out of yourself and look at what has happened from the outside: is the situation really worth the trouble? Could not there possibly be a misunderstanding? Or is not there a simple solution to the problem?

By consciously trying to distance yourself and your anger, you can answer such questions much more easily. Often it turns out that the thing is half as wild and not worth the trouble.

3. Do not focus on anger

Of course you should not just swallow your anger like that - too much in the center but not at all. Because this is how you make yourself aware of the situation again and give her more attention than she deserves. If necessary, get upset - but then let it be good. Even screaming or slamming do not help to overcome the trouble.

Instead, try to imagine anger as a cloud. They feel that he is there, but at the same time they imagine him passing you by.

4. Call friends

If you are so upset that you need to get rid of it, call a good friend. Talk the anger of the soul - after that you will feel better.

In addition, friends are well suited to put the situation into perspective: Maybe you have reacted a bit over-sensitive and the situation was not so bad? Either way, after talking to a trusted person, you will definitely feel better.

5. Abreact

If you are really upset, you should do something to relax. Exercise is usually the best way to quickly get rid of anger and frustration. Because of movement, stress hormones are broken down and happiness hormones are released.

So go for a walk around the block during your lunch break or run away in the evenings jogging the frustration of the soul. Also zumba or squash are perfect for spitting in a short time.

6. Meditate

If you are more upset, you should practice meditating. Ten minutes of training a day is enough to bring the mind to rest after a while, even in the case of severe annoyance.

For practice, the following exercise is recommended: Take a comfortable stance, close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing. Feel the air flowing in and out of your body. Stay focused and try not to digress with your thoughts. In the next hassle, this exercise will help you calm down quickly!

7. Set sharp appeal

No matter how upset you are, anger can usually be overshadowed by a different, stronger stimulus. We know this phenomenon from other areas of life: For example, in the case of a mosquito bite, the itching can be temporarily displaced by the scratch pain.

To override the anger, you can, for example, suck a spicy ginger candy or bite into a chili. The advantage of the candy: You can inconspicuously deposit a few in your handbag or your desk drawer.

8. Smile

Even if you've just got really excited - just try to smile. That may sound strange, but it actually helps. Because the connection between the brain and the facial muscles not only makes us smile when we are well, but we also feel better when we smile. In addition, laughter ensures that stress is reduced, blood pressure is lowered and the immune system is strengthened. A smile is worthwhile in every way!

9. Do not compare

Often you are annoyed only because you compare yourself with others: The colleague at work earns more, your neighbor drives a bigger car and your best friend has a very attractive girlfriend. It's best to stop comparing yourself with others!

More importantly, you analyze your own situation honestly: Are you only annoyed because others are supposed to be doing better or are you really dissatisfied with your current situation? If so, you should roll up your sleeves and change something. However, just fret in comparison, you should look more at yourself and be happy about what you have.

10. Think of a mantra

Mantras help to bring our mind into a balanced state, thereby relieving anger more quickly, or even failing to budge. So think of a spell that can reassure you even in extreme situations. Get ragged about something, you can repeat this saying again and again quietly - that calms down. Suitable sayings include "It's not worth it, it's not worth it ..." or "I'm very calm, I'm very calm ...".

Just create your own mantra to get rid of any trouble!

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