Diabetes and dry skin - therapy

The right cleaning

Consider the following tips for diabetics to cleanse the body properly:

  • Sensitive areas of the body, such as hands, legs and feet, should be cleansed daily with a mild, pH-neutral soap or moisturizing shower oil and warm water. The same applies to body parts that sweat heavily.
  • For facial cleansing, moisturizing cleanser lotions are ideal.
  • Otherwise, water is absolutely sufficient. Excessive cleansing is more damaging to the skin.
  • When bathing in the tub, fatty bath oils are ideal. For more than ten minutes diabetics should not endure here. Otherwise, the skin swells too much and dries out unnecessarily. The same applies to foot baths.
  • Then dry with a soft towel. Pay particular attention to skin folds on elbows or under the breast and toe gaps. Because hot and humid places are the favorite places of mushrooms and bacteria.
  • Then apply a special care cream for diabetics.

Provision with moisture

Proper and regular care can significantly improve the condition of the skin, reducing the risk of infection. Diabetics are therefore particularly dependent on high-quality products.

An important role is played by the moisturizing factor urea (urea). The concentration of the natural component of the skin is up to 90 percent lower in diabetics than in healthy people. Especially for pedicure there are creams and cream foams in the pharmacy with ten percent urea. Ingredients such as witch hazel and lavender oil also have a positive effect on blood circulation, invigorating and disinfecting. Five percent urea is enough for facial skin. Glycerine or allantoin additionally provides more moisture.

But the fluid supply from the inside is important. Because diabetics have the increased blood sugar levels increased urination and thus lose additional fluid. You should therefore drink about two liters throughout the day, that is about eight glasses of mineral water or unsweetened herbal tea.

Skin care in diabetes: do not forget fat!

Fat is just as important for diabetic skin as moisture. Because lipids lay like a protective film on the skin, thus forming a defensive barrier to the environment and protect it from dehydration. High-fat water-in-oil (W / O) emulsions also better transport urea into the deeper skin layers than the oil-in-water (O / W) products. Most fat contain ointments. For a long time, they were considered the safest barrier to evaporation on dry diabetic skin.

Today we know that unfortunately they can clog pores and thus hinder skin respiration. Better are special cream foams. They move faster and do not stick to clothing. The skin can breathe freely and yet is sufficiently supplied with fat and moisture.

Even if the choice is great, experts recommend that you do not switch between products too often. Otherwise, the risk of allergies increases considerably. Who is satisfied with his care series should therefore stick to it.

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