Diabetes and fasting

Fasting despite diabetes - is that possible? Every year, the foolish time ends with a seven-week period of fasting. Many people want to consciously shorten during Lent. Usually in the weeks between Carnival and Easter certain consumer goods such as meat, alcohol, nicotine or sweets are dispensed with. Almost half of Germans consider a restriction during Lent to be useful, as surveys show.

Fasting: motives different

But the motives for fasting can be very different: while the source of the 40-day Lent is religious - Christians commemorate the equally lengthy Lent of Jesus Christ before his public ministry - today many fasting people want to rethink and rearrange their everyday habits, or conscious life.

For many overweight people, the main thing is to lose weight. So many of the approximately eight million people living in Germany with type 2 diabetes have to struggle with their pounds. However, they will not be able to cope with weight problems in the long run as fast as healthy people. In addition, diabetics who want to fast have to be extra careful. Radical cures can even be dangerous for people with diabetes. Every fasting should always be discussed in advance with the doctor and be accompanied by this!

Diabetes and fasting: avoid low blood sugar

Diabetics must exercise particular care during fasting: regular blood sugar measurement and an adjustment of the therapy are unavoidable. In principle, fasting is also allowed for diabetics, provided that they do not suffer from cardiovascular diseases and have no problems with kidneys or liver.

However, any radical change in diet has a strong impact on metabolic processes. Especially for diabetics who are treated with blood glucose lowering agents or insulin, the risk of hypoglycaemia increases. In order to regulate the metabolism during fasting, the dose of the insulin syringes or the oral antidiabetics in the form of tablets must be adjusted individually to the food intake. To exclude risks, a medical guide and monitoring of the entire fasting cure is recommended.

For regular blood glucose monitoring, people with diabetes should use state-of-the-art equipment while fasting. They not only deliver a reliable result within a very short time, but are also immediately ready for use in an emergency, as they do not have to be coded.

What fasting method in diabetes?

People with diabetes should not take strict fasting diets without solid foods. To the so-called total fasting, which is also referred to as a zero diet, only perfectly healthy people should dare, because the body is thereby fed any energy. Only water and certain teas, such as unsweetened fruit or herbal tea, are allowed.

The same applies to the juice treatment: here the diet is supplemented only by small amounts of fruit and vegetable juices. A gentler variant offers the so-called fasting, which is not used for healing; rather, it prevents disease through its detoxifying and detoxifying effect on the body.

The fasting after Buchinger is holistically aligned and consists of relief and Aufbautagen and intestinal cleansing together. In addition, in diabetes fasting cures are recommended, which provide the body with sufficient nutrients and minerals, such as the Schroth cure (7-day grains cure) or suitable for everyday use base fasting with legumes, cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Fasting and Diabetes: Conclusion

Fasting may make sense for type 2 diabetics when it comes to switching diets to a healthier lifestyle, or preventing diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles. Fasting diets for diabetics should always be done under medical supervision.

After fasting, the nutritional plan should permanently contain a varied, low-fat and low-calorie mixed diet, mainly consisting of fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain products.

Fasting for diabetics: avoid risks

  • Despite all precautions, not all diabetics are allowed to fast. Therefore, talk to your doctor in advance.
  • Let your doctor individually adjust the medication therapy to your fasting regime.
  • To avoid low blood sugar during the fasting process, you should regularly measure your blood sugar.
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