Diabetes: consequences and treatment

Overweight is the most important measure to counter diabetes. Half of the adult population in Germany is overweight, even among children and adolescents one-third is too fat. For children, there are several health programs, otherwise, exercise and sports are the buzz words that need to be filled with life.

Treatment of diabetes

After the diagnosis, the doctor will discuss with you which medications are best for you. In type 2 diabetics, there is often still the possibility to increase the body's own insulin production with drugs or to influence the insulin resistance.

However, as soon as the insulin production is too poor, foreign insulin must be supplied. The doctor will go through with you the various options of insulin therapy - conventional regimen or intensified therapy, insulin pump or pen - and select the appropriate procedure for you.

Injecting insulin is no longer so complicated by today's aids such as the insulin pen, the blood sugar self-control is to get a little exercise under control. Alternatives to lifelong insulin therapy are being researched - in individual cases, juvenile diabetes can be treated with islet cell transplantation, and in the field of genetic engineering / stem cell research new therapeutic approaches are expected in the future. The dosage form of insulin is also discussed.

Consequences of the diagnosis diabetes

Of course, every new diabetic patient wonders how diabetes will change his life in the long term. What consequences does the diagnosis of diabetes have? Is it allowed to travel? Is boozy alcohol consumption allowed? What affects blood sugar?

  • Eating: As a diabetic one deals with bread units, carbohydrates and insulin quantities. Proper nutrition is particularly important in diabetes because it affects the amount of insulin needed.
  • Celebrate: Alcohol should only be consumed in moderation and with caution, since low blood sugar can threaten, diabetic nerve damage can be increased, high blood lipid levels are promoted and alcohol is very high in calories.
  • Exercise: Physical activity is especially important for diabetic patients, as exercise reduces blood sugar levels, improves insulin sensitivity in the cells and aids weight loss. But here, too, should be paid to the risk of hypoglycemia.
  • Travel: As an insulin-dependent diabetic, but also if you depend on pills or diet, you should be well prepared for the holidays. An agreement with the doctor can help.
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