Diet Trap Holiday - Fit despite full board

Sun, sand and sea are the perfect ingredients for a relaxing and active holiday. The whole day in the fresh air, plenty of sun and oxygen - that gets your metabolism going. In addition, the soul dangles when sunbathing almost all by itself. Only the movement is missing. Because an active holiday not only makes a good figure, by sports and stress hormones are reduced. If you move enough during the holidays, you will feel relaxed, fit and full of energy for a long time after your vacation.

Of course vacation also means enjoyment. Many culinary delights invite you to feast. Here are some tips to stay in shape in distant countries. The Mediterranean cuisine offers everything for a balanced diet. In the sunny south, the rich variety of fresh exotic fruits and vegetables lures. A stroll through the weekly markets is always worthwhile - especially to take home the impressions. Because even with us, the offer hardly leaves any wishes. The hotel's buffet also usually offers a selection of crispy salads and fresh fruit. So enjoy without remorse - in the hotel and in the apartment!


Even if the buffet offers everything your heart desires, keep track.

  • Essensberge on the plate are out. Smaller, clear portions not only look appetizing, they also benefit the slim line. If you are still hungry, you can finally go to the buffet a second time. However, you should not rush right away, because the satiety begins only after 10 to 15 minutes.
  • How was that even with the balanced, low-calorie diet? Correct: abundant fruits and vegetables, with lean meat or some fish and sufficiently filling side dishes such as potatoes, rice and noodles. Those who remain true to these principles at the buffet will not risk the bikini figure.
  • Better avoid breaded meat or fish dishes. The same applies to fries. Better: meat and fish grilled, with grilled or jacket potatoes, a few pasta or some rice.
  • For dessert, prefer fresh fruit or fruit salad instead of tiramisu and other cream dishes.
  • If you can not do without ice cream, then fruit sorbets are your first choice. Milk ice cream like vanilla or stracciatella contains a lot of cream as well as butter. Incidentally, this also applies to yoghurt ice cream. If you have booked a menu instead of a buffet, you do not have to eat every plate when your stomach is "full". Rain is therefore still not to be expected.


Do you cook on vacation yourself? Even better. Be inspired by the offer of the southern weekly markets.

  • Crisp salads, fresh vegetables and exotic fruits are the basis for tasty, light meals. Incidentally, many fruits harmonize perfectly with pepper and therefore taste good even in spicy salads. Test yourself.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are the ideal companions for the small hunger on the beach. Your character is happy about it.
  • Incidentally, colorful salads can be prepared just as quickly and easily as spaghetti. Let your kids do the cleaning and snibbling. They have fun and you can relax a bit.
  • Speaking of children: Holidays and summery temperatures are the perfect time to get used to light meals. When you are back home, there is no more discussion.
  • Use olive oil or rapeseed oil for salad dressing, cooking and roasting. They give the food a special touch and are very healthy due to the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • If you crave snacks, pretzel sticks are a better alternative to chips and flips.


  • Think of your water balance: Two to three liters are the rule. On hot days and during sports, you should drink more to make up for the fluid loss.
  • Ideal thirst quenchers for the slim line are especially mineral water and cold fruit tea. As an alternative, offer fruit juice spritzers. You should abstain from sugary drinks.
  • A glass in honor? No problem, after all, the Mediterranean diet also allows red wine in moderation. It is best to always order the large bottle of mineral water in the restaurant. Then the wine consumption - and thus the calorie intake - is limited.
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