Diets - change dietary habits

The described effects and the long-term failure of repeated crash diets naturally raises the question of how to get rid of these extra pounds permanently.

Change the nutritional behavior

The goal of weight loss should not be to lose as much as possible in a short time, but slowly and consistently. A minus on the scale of max. ½ to 1 kg per week is completely sufficient. Slow but continuous weight loss avoids problematic weight fluctuations.

The first step in the right direction is to think about your own nutritional behavior. Most Germans are well informed about a healthy diet. You can tell exactly what foods are and what should be avoided. But apparently it lacks the practical implementation. Who likes to give up cherished habits and makes the effort to try new things?

Nevertheless, a change in diet is essential. Only then is it usually possible to achieve a healthier weight and to keep it in the long term.

Support dietary change through exercise

In addition to changing dietary habits, exercise is an important pillar of weight loss. It should be noted, however, that an accompanying regular physical activity can initially lead to the fact that the weight loss is very insidious, as it comes in addition to the reduction in fat mass to an increase in muscle mass. In the long run, however, weight loss is supported as energy expenditure increases with the increase in muscle mass.

The sports activities should be increased slowly. Especially suitable for beginners are endurance sports such as:

  • Walking
  • jogging
  • To go biking
  • swim

But also an increase in the movement in everyday life, for example stairs instead of driving a lift, short distances or cycling, makes sense.

Reduce your energy surplus by 500 kcal

For example, reduce your energy surplus by reducing your food energy by 250 kcal a day and consuming 250 kcal by exercise.

These foods make up around 250 kcal So you consume about 250 kcal additionally by movement *
½ liter of cola or lemonade30 minutes bike ride
½ liter of beer30 min. Swimming (slow)
1 hamburger30 min. Jogging
1 serving of french fries (small)30 minutes tennis
1 ½ tablespoon mayonnaise 82% fat (about 35 g)30 min. Cross-country skiing (slow)
70 g salami (about 7 small slices)30 minutes aerobics
40 g of streaky bacon50 min. Go for a walk (fast)
½ bar of chocolate60 minutes gardening
1 puff pastry60 min. Dancing (medium)
50 g peanut flips or chips* (calculated for a 70 kg person)
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