Diets - Do you really slim?

With the approaching summer, the magazines are full of new diets that promise the dream of pounding pounds. Every year, Germans torture themselves with the latest diet slippers to quickly lose a few pounds. But do these lightning diets really slim? Do you lead to permanent weight loss?

That's what it looks like in Germany

In Germany, about 65% of the male and 55% of the female population are overweight (BMI 25-30). Approximately 20% are considered obese (BMI over 30). The proportion of adipose children and adolescents is around seven percent.

If we get to the bottom of the causes for the high proportion, we do not have to search for a long time. Every 4 years, the German Nutrition Society (DGE) publishes the nutrition report on the nutritional situation of the German population. This also says in the last issue of 2004, what we already know for a long time: We eat too much, too fat, too sweet and move too little.

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From the desire to be slim

On average, every German has an energy surplus of several hundred kilocalories, which inevitably be reflected sometime as bacon on the hips. If the balance between energy intake and consumption is postponed for years in favor of calorie intake, slowly but steadily overweight creeps in.

Many people want to pull the emergency brake at some point and are faced with the problem of reducing their weight. Some want it of their own accord, because they want to do something for their health or let themselves be infected by the "slimming mania". The others are to reduce their weight to support the treatment of nutrition-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus.

The most common is that the weight loss should happen as quickly as possible and without much effort. This desire has paved the way for a market that is constantly promoting new lightning diets and miracle products for weight loss. The consumer is promised quick and easy weight loss.

Flash diets - the quick way to the goal?

Who does not know that: the bikini time is coming, the holiday is booked, slender models present in the magazines the latest breezy summer fashion. There is holiday joy on!

The disillusionment then often comes in the dressing room of the fashion fitters. The tight-fitting top, the liberally cut straps and the chic bikini show a very different picture than the magazines want to sell us. The bacon rolls from winter do not want to fit into the world of slim and beautiful. There is only one thing to help you quickly starve down a few pounds. Where was last to read: way with the bacon - 5 kg in a week? Exactly the right thing to take off a little on the fly.

Crash diet and lightning diet

The definition of crash or lightning diets are: Diets that promise high weight loss in a short period of time.

Often it is a diet that is limited to a single or a few foods. They can be harmful to health in the long term and usually lead to the yo-yo effect sooner or later and thus to rapid weight gain.

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