Psychopathological Findings: Why is this finding needed?

What is the psychopathological finding needed for?

With the psychopathological findings, the doctor can accurately describe the mental state of the patient. The next step in the diagnosis is the evaluation of all the symptoms that are often typical of certain syndromes (eg, a depressive syndrome).


The psychiatric diagnoses are referred to today as disorders and follow in Germany the international classification of diseases, the so-called ICD, which is currently in its 10th edition (ICD-10). In this classification, all mental disorders are classified more according to symptoms and course than to the ultimate cause, they set for the diagnosis clear criteria such as standardized interviews or checklists.

Each diagnosis has accurate treatment guidelines to treat the patient. In the further treatment also organic causes such as a brain tumor, a metabolic disorder or arteriosclerotic brain changes are excluded as well as drug abuse.

How is the psychopathological findings documented?

In order to objectify the psychopathological findings, the further treatment uses structured interview guidelines such as the AMDP system and various test methods such as the Hamilton depression scale or the Bech-Rafaelsen-Mania scale. This structured approach allows many patients to alleviate their concerns about psychiatric treatment and rethink their view of psychiatry.

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