The emergency card - a lifesaver in your wallet!

Prepared for the worst

About two million people in Germany have heart disease and thus an increased risk of a medical incident. In such an emergency, anyone who knows exactly which medicines to take and which comorbidities are present without any loss of time can significantly increase their chances of survival. The German Heart Foundation therefore recommends that all cardiac patients have a good emergency card in their purse.

Information about medications and comorbidities important

However, not every type of emergency card is equally suitable. "Booklets that contain only the entry" Attention to heart disease ", for example, are in no case sufficient, emphasizes the Chairman of the German Heart Foundation Professor Dr. Hans Jürgen Becker." The emergency physician must know which drugs the patient in which dosage takes what pretreatments have taken place and whether comorbidities exist, "as the cardiologist explains.

Every minute counts

With heart emergencies every minute counts. Since in such situations, however, there is usually a great deal of confusion or those affected can no longer express themselves because of unconsciousness, the doctor often does not get up to all important information quickly enough. An emergency card can then quickly become a lifesaver

New emergency card of the German Heart Foundation

The emergency card issued by the German Heart Foundation, which has just been redesigned and has already found over one million customers over the past 20 years, therefore offers plenty of room for medical background information. Thus, there are not only fields for allergies, blood group affiliation and drug intolerances, but also for the diabetes mellitus or kidney dysfunctions, which are frequently observed in cardiac patients and play an important role in emergency therapy.

Order emergency card

The emergency card is available free of charge from the Deutsche Herzstiftung.

Contact information:

German Heart Foundation e. V.

Bockenheimer Landstr. 94-96

60323 Frankfurt on the Main

Tel .: 069 955128 0

Fax .: 069 955128 313

E-Mail: [email protected], keyword: emergency card

Alternatively, you can also fill in the form on the website of the Deutsche Herzstiftung.

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