The inner pig dog

Goals for a healthier life are always profitable and at first they can be implemented well. But then come the "inner bastard" and the power of habit. After only a few days, the desire for improvement does not seem to be so great and soon you will be back to the old rut. But it works differently. You just need some strategy.

The main issue

Most targets require a behavioral change that is known to get more and more difficult with the years of life. Losing weight, exercising more, seeing the world more relaxed or quitting smoking are not that easy. The reason for this is in the brain, in the so-called limbic system, the power center of our emotions. Rational, reasonable inputs like "I should do something for my health again" have no chance here. Because the feeling does not ask for profit and success. It looks for need satisfaction now and immediately. The will alone is not enough on the way to recovery. An experience has to be made to silence the inner bastard in us.

Victory of feelings

Mostly it is the bitter experiences that ultimately force us to see. For example, if smokers become ill with a respiratory infection and miss the signals of the body until the cough becomes chronic and painful, chances are good that they will renounce the vice. Or if high blood glucose levels are found in overweight and the doctor urgently recommends a change in diet, the loss of weight is easy, because you were directly confronted with the consequences of overweight.

Positive motivates

But also motivate beautiful experiences and positive thinking. The corresponding images are stored in the brain and remain much longer and more intense than heard or read. If the smoker's chronic cough is very bad and he remembers how he used to be able to jump across meadows without coughing, this alone could be a crucial motivation.

The pictures provide a bridge between reason and feeling and can thus also help the intent to move from theory to practice. The more positive we associate with change, the more likely it is to achieve one's personal goals.

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