The healthy refrigerator

The phenomenon should be familiar to everyone. There are the good intentions for a healthy diet prepared, overcome the inner bastard and the contents of the refrigerator is still a new challenge with each opening. A glimpse into the fridge and the unnecessary sweet, high-calorie traps come to light. In order for the program of physical activity and healthy nutrition to be carried out undisturbed, potential confounding factors should be avoided at the very beginning.

Sweet out, vitamins in!

The essential basis for more well-being and health is the varied, balanced and as fresh as possible nutrition. Ideally, you should eat three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit daily. So you do not even get tempted, put the good intentions first in the fridge and pantry.

Replace fast foods and ready meals, sweet and greasy, with fresh fruits, vegetables and products that contain low calories, sugar and fat. To prevent the sudden seduction for snacking or uncontrolled bingeing optimally.

But beware: Although fruits and vegetables last longer and better in the designated refrigerator compartment, but you lose it quickly to taste and vitamins. Either store them in the cool dark pantry or eat them quickly.

The secret of conscious shopping

Select the foods in the supermarket consciously. Because what is not in stock at home, can not be eaten. This is especially true for ready meals, snacks and sweets. Make sure that products are as free as possible from flavorings, colorings and flavorings or emulsifiers and thickeners.

Especially in the summer, when the barbecue season calls, the temptation is great to try the numerous exotic barbecue sauces. Without having to give up the taste, the popular side dish can also be created by yourself without any hidden calorie and fat traps.

Lean quark with fresh herbs and garlic, the combination of honey, mustard, onions, corn and gherkins or tomato chili garlic, these sauces are quick and easy to prepare and taste delicious. Even the popular baguettes with garlic or herb butter are simply made healthier: use vegetable oil instead of butter.

What a healthy fridge does not include

  • Mayonnaise, remoulade and ketchup
  • Salad dressings and ready-made sauces
  • Cream or creme fraiche
  • Chocolates, ice cream and sweets
  • Alcohol and soft drinks
  • Animal fats (butter, lard)
  • High fat cheeses and sausages
  • Cream yoghurt, pudding and desserts

Safe contents of a healthy refrigerator

  • fruit and vegetables
  • Juices (without added sugar)
  • fresh lean fish and poultry
  • Tomato paste and mustard
  • Horseradish and gherkins
  • Natural yoghurt, curd cheese and cottage cheese
  • Low fat dairy products
  • eggs

A simple but very helpful trick is magnets with brief information, statements or photos attached directly to the refrigerator door. They remind of the good healthy intentions before and after each opening of the refrigerator.

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