The pleasure value

The pleasure value

Sensory quality includes appearance, taste, smell, texture, maturity and freshness. These attributes define the enjoyment value of a food. What meets individual needs in this context is extremely subjective. Each person has their own idea of ​​what a food should look like, smell and taste. The individual taste system is not innate, but it is determined by the prevailing food culture. A newborn child adapts to the norms of family taste and trains his sense of taste accordingly.

Was the taste of food better in the past than it is today?

Modern production processes used in the food industry usually result in a loss or change in the natural taste of the starting food. By aromatizing this effect is made up for again.

The store shelves are full of flavored foods and our taste buds are now more familiar with artificial flavors than with the natural flavor of an apple or pear. Many children and adolescents prefer the unified flavor of fast food and ready meals to natural, rather bland tasting, foods. Accordingly, a problem we face today is more the change in taste to a "one-size-fits-all" taste.


Nowadays, we have a rich supply of food that we can access at any time. The product variety has increased enormously over the last 50 years: from 1400 in 1950 to today about 9000 products. These are safe and high quality foods. They are hygienically flawless and mostly free of pollutants and impurities. This is ensured by comprehensive legal regulations at national and international level as well as high standards in processing companies.

Of course, there are also black sheep in this area who bring bad products to the market and cause a negative image. Overall, however, it has never been so easy to implement a healthy, varied and high-quality diet. It depends on the right selection and combination of food:

  • Do you prefer fresh food and pay attention to the seasonal offer.
  • Always wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating. Residues of pesticides can thereby be reduced.
  • Pay attention to a good quality of animal foods. Numerous producers undertake to offer high-quality and safe food within the framework of quality seals and quality labels.
  • If you use ready meals, make sure that they are processed as little as possible (eg frozen vegetables).
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