The cold one cough

When it gets cold outside, the critical season begins for the organism. You freeze and the body defends itself against the cold. This costs strength, because the immune system has to work at full speed. If you then cough and sneeze all around, bacteria and viruses have an easy time. And the cold is already here.

Prevent a cold

Each person makes about 120 to 200 colds in the course of his life. To prevent a cold, Dr. Catharina Bullmann, a physician at the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) offers various tips.

movement and sport

Exercise and exercise in the fresh air not only keeps the circulation going, but also gets the immune system up to speed. Two to three times a week a good half hour exercise is sufficient, because the body should not be overwhelmed. Endurance sports such as walking, jogging, cycling and inline skating are particularly suitable.

Breathable and warm clothing protects against cold and excessive sweating in cool temperatures. After the sport best to move immediately. Standing around in damp clothing and with wet hair strains the defense.


Overheated rooms dry out the mucous membranes. Pathogens then have free rein. In contrast, sufficient humidity helps: ventilate a lot, in the bedroom a maximum of 18 degrees and put damp towels over the radiator.


It depends on the right nutrition: especially fruits and vegetables - if possible five times a day - strengthen the immune system. Whole grain and dairy products should also be on the menu.


Year-round, regular sauna visits protect against cold: The strong sweating and the subsequent cooling stimulate the immune system. Do not forget to drink a lot after the sauna session to replenish the fluid reserves.


"Put on warm clothes or you'll catch cold!" Mom's admonitions were always annoying, but she's right. Cold feet or a cold wind around the unprotected head disturb the heat balance. When the body receives the signal "hypothermia", the blood vessels are narrowed. This means less blood flow, even in the nasopharynx, and thus reduced resistance to bacteria and viruses.

Therefore: put on the onion principle! Instead of a single thick jacket better several layers of thinner garments on each other tighten. If you feel too warm, you can lay down a layer. Also warm socks or insoles for the shoes, caps and gloves are the right equipment for colds.


Also think of the moistening from the inside: Who wants to prevent a cold, must drink a lot, because so the mucous membranes remain moist. At least one and a half to two liters per day - preferably water, juice spritzer and fruit and herbal teas.


Stress is poison for the immune system. Relaxation methods such as autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation ensure peace and balance. Important is also sufficient sleep.

Wash your hands!

Cold viruses survive up to three hours outside the human body. Enough time, for example, to plug in via door handles or handshakes. Unconsciously you hold your nostrils or rub your eyes and the viruses are already there where they feel good and start to multiply.

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