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Campsites, holiday apartments and family hotels are best suited for holidays with children - depending on what the holiday fund offers. Children can move there more freely, usually there are age-appropriate leisure activities and age-matched playmates.

sun protection

Babies should avoid the sun as completely as possible during the first year of life. Older children should stay in the shade or in the house between 11am and 3pm in sun-intensive areas. Otherwise: Intensive insect protection and parasol, hats and sunscreen with protection factor 20 or higher are of course for children, travel vaccination is required.

hygiene measures

The hygienic conditions are worse in many holiday regions. Therefore, especially with infants, care should be taken that they do not suck on ice cubes, stroke stray animals or bathe in pools.

For infants, breastfeeding is the safest way to travel. Breastfed children also have better infection protection.


Especially in unfamiliar terrain steps, stairs and missing elevators often become insurmountable obstacles for prams; the day trip will easily be a challenge for non-local people. For small children, therefore, slings and ergonomic baby carriers are the better alternative. Buggies are worth considering for larger offspring. They are quickly folded up, lightweight, compact and can therefore be quickly carried up a few steps. "

For winter holidays it is often forgotten that even there, despite snow and ice, the sun can be strong. Again, sunscreen is important. The mountain air in the ski areas can be stressful for children, so infants should not spend a holiday over 1, 500 meters, "says Dr. Ruprecht.

But regardless of whether you are on holiday in the ski resort or on the beach or the sea: It is important to ensure that children drink enough, because they are constantly on the move and raging about.

Of course, the same recommendations apply for the return journey as for the journey: no stress, schedule enough breaks. Ideally, there should be two days off between the return day and the first kindergarten or school day, so that the family can acclimatize at home again.

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