Strengthen the back

The number of people suffering from back problems or postural disorders is increasing steadily. Around 80% of Germans have ever had back pain in their lives, 30% even suffer from chronic pain. Meanwhile, the situation is also dramatic for children and adolescents. 44% of fourth graders already complain of occasional back pain.

Too little movement

These numbers are thought-provoking. The causes of this development are to be found in the modern service society. Most of the time people are sitting or lying in a rigid position and moving too little. This does not only apply to the professional situation, for example by sitting constantly at the desk or in front of the computer, but also leisure time, for example driving a car or watching television for hours.

Be active and prevent

To prevent back pain, there are now special exercise programs to strengthen the back muscles and stabilize the spine. In addition, it is very important to make the personal environment back-friendly. The use of suitable seating and reclining furniture, as well as other back-friendly everyday products is an indispensable component of the prevention and treatment of back pain.

What is back-friendly?

The seal of quality of Aktion Gesunder Rücken eV offers meaningful help. It exclusively recognizes everyday products that have proven their back-friendly construction in front of an independent review committee with experts from medicine and science. It is also important to positively influence one's own behavior. A back school - under expert guidance - is very helpful here.

Fear of the movement

But not only prevention plays a big role; also the adequate pain treatment, especially with emerging, acute complaints, is an important condition for the avoidance of long suffering ways. Whether pain becomes chronic or not depends critically on the initial treatment. Many people with acute pain are afraid of any movement and try to avoid pain through physical paralysis. But this behavior starts a vicious circle:

  • The fear of movement can lead to malpositions.
  • The musculature is weakened and the functionality of the musculoskeletal system decreases. More pain is the result.
  • The burden on those affected increases.

It is therefore important to alleviate the symptoms in good time by means of a pain therapy. If you are painless, do not be afraid to move. With a targeted exercise program, the back muscles can be strengthened and the spine can be stabilized.

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